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Hailee Steinfeld is not only one of the most versatile actresses of her generation (and was even nominated for an Oscar), but she also has a music career that may not have started long ago, but that has already thrilled listeners around the world.

Steinfeld made her official debut on the music scene six years ago with the release of beloved single “Love Myself” and follow-up EP “Haiz.” Since then, he’s appeared on soundtracks such as “The Perfect Pick,” “Bumblebee,” and recent historical drama “Dickinson.” Last year, the singer-songwriter released his second EP, titled “Half Written Story” (which you can see here for a review).

To showcase a career not everyone knows but should, and to celebrate its recent 25th anniversary, we’ve put together a short list of six Steinfeld songs you need to listen to.

Check out our picks below:


Hailee’s debut single had a big impact and even hit the Billboard Hot 100 chart. a subtle production and a stimulating message). The track is a danceable and immersive mix of dance-pop and electro-pop, featuring Mattman & Robin and Oscar Holter.

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HUNGER (feat. Gray, Zedd)

Changing the course of the lyrics she was used to, Steinfeld brought together American duo Gray and producer and DJ Zedd for a sultry, irreverent track that became known as “Starving.” Building on the iconicity that dominated the 2016 mainstream scene and referencing The Chainsmokers and Halsey, for example, the fun song makes good use of the performer’s vocals and draws inspiration from EDM and pop rock.


If in 2015 Steinfeld started talking about self-acceptance and empowerment, she would do the same with “Most Girls”. The song, guided by the cohesion of a simple and very functional electropop, moves away from the antiemic precepts of the songs whose main objective is to deliver a positive message to the listeners – in this case, to women and to the fact that they are stuck in a structurally sexist society that has stagnated over time. Despite the weight of the song, it also comes with an incredible music video directed by Hannah Lux Davis.


In 2018, Hailee was chosen as the protagonist of the ambitious project “Bumblebee”, a pre-sequel to the “Transformers” saga. The result was not only overwhelmingly positive, but also launched one of the best entries of the artist’s musical career with ‘Back to Life’. Bringing more mature verses and an overwhelmingly confident vocal rendition, the song was produced by the skilled hands of Jorgen Odegard in a nostalgic rush infused with the best of synth-pop and future-pop.



The theme song for the famous “Dickinson” series is, according to your speaker, the most original and profound song that Steinfeld has written in his career (at least so far). In addition to the exciting atmosphere created by the synth-pop and trap trends of previous years, the beauty of the track is reflected in the tremendous work Hailee has done to honor the memory of Emily Dickinson, drawing inspiration from her groundbreaking writings. . speak of an eternal love that crosses the physical barriers of time and space.


Steinfeld’s second EP brought the great underrated gem “I Love You’s” as the lead single. Inspired by legendary musician Annie Lennox, the production alludes to the ballad “No More I Love You’s” and opts for a contemporary and practical approach, delving into a deconstructed game based on a splendid and functional formula. Eventually, a crescendo is created that is limited to the instruments, while the clean vocals remain in a one-dimensional spectrum and dramatic in good measure.

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