Charlie Puth reveals how TikTok transformed his music career

Charlie Puth reveals how TikTok transformed his music career

Charlie Puth revealed in an interview with Variety that TikTok transformed his music because it made him “open-minded to show the process”.

“It made me very open-minded to show the process. I used to have this mentality of ‘I need to be away for a long time and work on my music on my own and show no one and reveal the secrets.’ But now I can reveal all the secrets. It actually makes the songs more dynamic,” the Light Switch crooner shared.

Explaining how he came across the social media platform, Puth added: “It started out a bit out of boredom, but it was a couple of things.”

The singer also shared that it motivated him to finish a song. “Obviously we didn’t have that as a result of the pandemic, so I had to play for people digitally, and [that] meant making songs in front of them. When millions of people are excited to hear you do a song, it makes you want to finish it and make it even better. It replaced me backstage.

Puth has around 19 million followers on the social media platform.

When asked why his knowledge of music theory has become such a hallmark of his TikTok. Puth explained, “I’ve always been fascinated by creating things that are perceived as mundane and extremely entertaining. I realized that people always want to learn, and I just want to be in front of that. I want to be the ‘cool teacher’. Maybe if I wasn’t doing this for a living, I’d be a teacher.

The singer came out with his third studio album, Charly.