Fox Valley-area musician returns to Paperfest for first time in 14 years

KIMBERLY (NBC 26) – Paperfest brings together many local musicians, and for one singer, it was a journey back to Kimberly.

If you want to pursue your dreams, you go through whatever is thrown at you.

“Sometimes we don’t even know where we sleep at night versus what studio we’re going to be,” musician Cordell Winter said.

Winter started following his dream as a musician at an early age.

Winter – who grew up in Fox Valley – performed at her first Paperfest when she was 12.

“Does this battle of the groups,” Winter said. “We ended up losing, which is kind of funny now.”

It was only his beginning.

“Long story short, I went to Nashville and really hit the scene there,” Winter said.

It hits the right notes in Music City.

Winter says he worked there with several artists, including Kid Rock.

“You know, he’s a great guy, man,” Winter said.

And it is also the birthplace of his current band which bears his own name.

His band has played at festivals including Summerfest.

“It was awesome,” said guitarist JP Spitz. “It’s what we all love to do. I mean, we couldn’t do it any other way.”

Winter has come so far that his band is in talks with some major record labels.

“They are some of the hardest working men I have had the honor of knowing,” Winter said.

And 14 years after her first performance at Paperfest, Winter returns to Kimberly’s biggest event.

“We can actually express ourselves through music,” Winter said. “And people in the Midwest are really enjoying that experience.”

The impression that his group is on the verge of something big.

“Certainly unmistakable,” Winter said.

Winter and his band perform at 9:45 p.m. Saturday night on the Venture Wisconsin stage.

His group is releasing a new song called “Feed Your Head” this Friday, July 22.

For more information on Winter and his band, visit his website here.