How Collarts Pivoted His Online Music Performance Course

Collarts has pushed the boundaries, transforming a once-thought face-to-face course into an essential online learning experience. Meet their virtual music performance course.

When Collarts was pushed to take their courses online due to lockdowns across Australia, they had to quickly pick up speed, tailoring each of their typically hands-on courses into a compatible and innovative virtual learning experience.

Even though COVID-19 no longer has as much of a hold on Australia as it once did, Collarts has dedicated himself to becoming a leading player in the world of online music education, using his teachers as a tool key to turning musical performance into a lesson. which caters to students in person and online.

Music performance manager Jesse Hooper noted there was a bit of a conundrum in the first approach of turning that in-person degree into an accessible online course, which begged the question, “hHow do we deliver all of these online and distance learning courses and ensure that we achieve all of the learning outcomes that we have committed to? »

Well, Collarts hit the ball out of the park. By incorporating online collaborations and ensembles, students have the opportunity to work with many more students in multiple ways.

Just like in-person study, you also get one-on-one lesson with their expert teachers each week, all designed to fit your schedule.

“We’ve all learned that the way we’ve always done it isn’t the only way. In fact, we believe what we have offered is an incredibly exciting program that gives our students a real head start in the new post-COVID era,” continues Hooper.

With individual times with Collarts’ teachers and ensemble collaborations with fellow aspiring musicians, students are able to produce “not only great recordings, but also some really cool collaborative digital media pieces.

Diving deeper into how Collarts turned the Music Performance Diploma into a comprehensive online course, Music Performance Coordinator Brett Langsford notes that they have gone out of their way to create a lot of material online: “Not only do you have a weekly one-to-one lesson, but there are pages of video resources and learning materials that you can access at your own pace.”

By implementing Audiomovers technology, students are able to reproduce the same quality they would get from face-to-face learning, while still being able to stay home and submit their recordings to teachers. By using this innovative program, students not only improve their performance skills, but they are able to advance their technological skills at the same time, which is always important in the music industry.

This means that students not only learn to do such technological actions, but can actually apply these every day in their course of study, helping them to be better prepared for the changing technological world.

Music performance coordinator Larissa Agosti says “part of the online program has sparked a new way of thinking” and students are honing their creativity.

As students “try to be resourceful at home,” teachers have seen students thrive by thinking “outside the box” and being challenged “to step out of their comfort zone.” One student even started drumming in a tree!

By being able to be in a different environment, and not just sitting in a classroom, students can unleash their minds, draw inspiration from influences in and around them, and bring new ideas to the table – which is extremely important when you want to go on stage one day.

Academic Music Performance Program Coordinator Phil Bywater continues this pride in student creativity, saying the online course has retained “all the best elements of the classroom, sense of community and sense of interactivity. with the flexibility of online”.

With the need for online learning pervasive over the past year, students are finding the lack of travel, flexibility and the incredible existence of technology to be on their side, and Collarts is ready to support that, at least. service of their musical performance majors. with a whole lot of support.

So no matter where you are, what you want to do in the music world, or how you plan to get there, Collarts is here to help you turn your dreams into reality from the comfort of your own home with their course. online about musical performance – and what’s more, they are happy to work with you.