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James Basdanis – Solo project
“When sound becomes a soundscape”

A musical performance, solitary (Solo), but with many stories to tell. Live performances of instrumental pieces from the is great Greek musician James Basdanis and some adaptations of an approach using loops (Loop Project). The Soundscape of the moment creates the Echography of life. Takes “flesh and bones”, aiming to become one with the audience, so that both – artist and audience – can follow this living journey through time and space. Listen to James live at the Art Club in Sofia, Bulgaria. Admission is at 8:00 p.m. / BGN 7

Dimitris Basdanis (also known as James Basdanis), is a Greek guitarist, composer and songwriter.
Known for his particular personal modern Anatolian approach to his sound. His very special game and the way he use it sounds of Greek and Arabic music on guitar make it one of the most special and recognizable Greek guitarists of his generation. It has more than 500 live appearances and several Radio AirPlays in Greece, Europe and Australia as well as several recordings, soundtracks for radio and theater performances. He obtained a distinction in the USA with his instrumental title “Nihavent Sirto” (excerpt from the album: Kaemos) to win 1st place for the best new piece of Jazz – Fusion music for 2019, internationally music Aplaud Competition.

In 2018, he published his first guitar book in the world in English titled “Anatolian Modes: Eastern and Greek Scales Analyzed on Modal Theory”. In May 2020 in Greekthe book “Learning and perfecting the Pentatonic Scales (Guitar Method)”.

Official website: https://www.basdanis.eu