Musician Matthew Gallagher shares his unique take on music and the purpose of life

When a musician embarks on their journey to fame and glory, they have a choice between material rewards and intangible feelings of satisfaction. A few are blessed with both.

Matthew Gallagher is a powerhouse of talent who considers himself lucky enough to build a financially rewarding music career that’s also fulfilling for his inner soul.

Matthew came from a poor family and never imagined the life of a superstar for himself. In fact, he remembers playing music with friends at trailer parks where his homeless family sometimes resided, but not a single soul would be interested in the new musical piece he had composed. When he joined the school, he never missed an opportunity to participate in the school choir and particularly enjoyed his music lessons. He had a dream for himself back then, but he wasn’t sure it would ever be his beautiful reality.

Life took Matthew through various career paths before pursuing his dream as a musician. He tried his hand at entrepreneurship, but when it got bored he dabbled in the world of coding, which luckily worked for him. He was able to move with his family and finally support his wife and children. But did it fill his inner soul?

“At first I loved coding, but when it became something that nourished me and my children, but not my soul, I got exhausted. Music was always my ultimate dream and it called me I knew from the start that I wanted to impact the people around me, and that was the only way,” Matthew recalls.

While working from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m., Matthew began working overtime on the side to improve and hone his musical skills. He wasted no time, filling every passing hour with the determination to build his expertise as a musician. His family weren’t that supportive initially, but as he progressed and his debut single garnered substantial public support to raise awareness about homelessness in the United States and drug addiction, they are become his best defenders.

He changed his career without a second thought because he was looking for his life’s purpose, and only music could help him achieve it. “One day I would like someone to tell me that my music was their driving force to achieve what they thought they were capable of but never dared to pursue.”

Matthew’s story is an inspiration to all those hustlers and confused individuals who are afraid to follow their dreams and seek meaning in their lives. Through his music, he allows listeners to never feel sorry for themselves or hold back their ambitions.

He guides them to achieve their dreams, and if there’s one musician we had to choose who is the mirror image of the world we live in and doesn’t shy away from revealing its deepest, darkest secrets , it’s Matthew Gallagher.