Pankaj Udasi – A multi-talented musician, composer, performer and actor.

Getting into the industry of your choice has never been a cake walk for anyone across the world. Even though people have the opportunity to be a part of these industries, not all of them have managed to register success as they wanted or wanted. The process may be longer for some individuals, who may even constantly test their patience and challenge them in many ways. Those who stay strong in the face of these obstacles are the ones who end up winning their battles. Of course, all of this is easier said than done; Yet, some professionals in all industries have managed to achieve the desired momentum and success and have become real winners. Bhopal-based Pankaj Udasi is one of those real winners in the vast and ever-changing music industry.

Pankaj Udasi is one such artist who has inspired many, he is a singer, lyricist, composer, performer and actor from Bhopal associated with Bollywood and Punjabi music industry. He released his latest track titled “Pyari hai” on his YouTube channel (He has number of subscribers). His music has received a lot of love and support from the public and has been seen by lakes of viewers so far. It is absolutely necessary to listen to his beautiful romantic pieces that he has released.

Pankaj has taken the romantic scene by storm with heart-melting pop-R&B hits that showcase his silky, soothing voice blending into his romantic writing.

Pankaj is best known for his track titled “Soniye” which was a biggest hit as an independent artist. Several no Instagram reels were also made on his song. This song got multiple streams on music streaming platforms and zero views on YouTube. This song has also been liked by no established artists in the music industry.

His tracks are also available on other major music platforms such as Gaana, Saavn, Spotify, Hungama music, Google Play Music, Amazon Music, Wynk Music, Apple Music, Instagram Music tiktok, deezer, josh app and many more.

Professional background of Pankaj Udasi:

He started singing at the age of 7. He was musically inclined from the very beginning. Also, taking inspiration from his father and grandfather, who were folk singers, he began to learn music. His singing style/genre mainly includes pop, acoustic soul R&B and Bollywood. He also likes to do fusions and combinations of genres and with that he also likes to do drugs and different music.

He especially likes to write romantic. It also focuses on creating a fusion of different music and also explores dope music and makes it a big hit. In the future to come, I see myself as a successful singer and actor in the Bollywood and Punjab industry.

Some of his past releases include

“Santa Dream” Year 2021, “Soniye” Year 2021, these songs are available on his YouTube channel and on all music streaming platforms.

He is also working on creating more beautiful pieces that will be composed, written and sung by him. He has also collaborated with some great artists as a writer and also as a feature lately. He also does music videos with famous Instagram models. He will release this music in the next few days.

Pankaj writes: In the future to come, I see myself as a successful singer and actor in the Bollywood and Punjab industry.

Everything I’ve done so far stays true to the real me and the world. We should just keep working hard again and again until the real time comes. ‘Cause it is, things will never be the same again

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