The Young Musician Music Institute, affiliated with Trinity College London, offers performance-based music education with a free 15-minute trial session

The music institute maintains the highest standards of technical, creative and professional learning practices

“The leading school of music in the United Arab Emirates organizes six international graduated and certifying examinations and offers relevant diplomas to its students.”

Abu Dhabi, UAE, 16 November 2022, ZEXPRWIRE, Music is an important part of everyone’s life, but for some it’s more than a hobby or entertainment. The Young Musician Music Institute provides a platform for all aspiring musicians to learn different aspects of music composition. It is a leading music school based in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates that offers performance-based music education including voice lessons and musical instrument lessons.

Affiliated with Trinity College London, the Young Musician Music Institute was founded two decades ago. The objective of this institute was to foster a professional environment for young adults, beginners and enthusiasts, in order to improve their musical talent. Their music teachers not only focus on teaching and singing or playing instruments, but they also develop students’ performance caliber through ensemble and group practices. These hands-on activities allow students to become great performers.

The company representative said, “As one of the most sought-after music schools in the UAE, we provide students with a results-oriented education and prepare them for prestigious examinations at Trinity College London. Our school is a Trinity College Approved Examination Centre, helping students pass their hometown exams and achieve certification. We offer lessons and run exams for different genres including classical, rock, pop, and more. Since 2002, we have helped hundreds of students start their journey in this industry.

Most individuals learn music with a passion, but only a few pursue a career in this industry. One of the main reasons is that they only learn the “singing” or “playing musical instruments” part. These learners are unaware of the challenges, technicalities, and other practical aspects of being a musician that this school aims to teach them. Through their performance-based education, students gain comprehensive musical expertise, securing a future in this industry.

The Young Musician Music Institute also offers free 15-minute trial sessions to all of its new students.

About the Music Institute for Young Musicians

Founded in 2002, The Young Musician Music Institute is a music school in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates. It is affiliated with the famous Trinity College London and offers performance-based training. The school also organizes six different international exams to help students kick-start their careers.

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