‘[They] only paid a one-time fee”

Dragonforce guitarist Herman Li reveals fascinating facts about Guitar Hero on TikTok.

The band’s song “Through the Fire and Flames” was originally featured in “Guitar Hero III: Legends of Rock,” after which it became arguably the most famous song in the game’s history. However, Li says that ‘He made almost no money from the placement.

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In his now-viral video, Li, who posts as @hermanli on TikTok, explains that the game earned his group about $3,000, though he doesn’t remember the exact amount.

“Guitar Hero actually only paid a one-time fee,” Li says in the clip. “So I’m thinking around $3,000, maybe even less.”

Li’s cut, meanwhile, was only a tiny fraction of that amount.

As the guitarist goes on to explain, Guitar Hero’s one-time payment was split among countless other people, including managers, accountants, a record label, and, of course, Li’s bandmates. By the way, Li jokes, he may have won “tens of dollars”.

But the musician is not angry with what he has won. As Li says in the video, it was exposure and publicity that really mattered.

“At that time, guitar music wasn’t really popular,” he says. “And letting the public hear our music and decide if they like it is really special.”

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For Li, the game has clearly had a huge effect on Dragonforce’s popularity.

After its appearance on Guitar Hero, “Through the Fire and the Flames” became the band’s biggest song, charting on the Billboard Hot 100 in Canada and the United States. The record is now certified platinum, meaning it has sold over a million copies worldwide. .

The song was known to Guitar Hero players for its extreme difficulty. After the game launched in 2007, countless gamers went viral on YouTube for their impressive attempts at performing the song for a perfect score.

TikTok commenters had a lot to say about Li’s revelations. Many agreed he gained a lot of exposure, while others said he still should have gained more.

“It’s crazy that even at your level they still pay on exposure,” one user wrote.

“Tired of big corporations taking advantage of unrecognized artists,” another added.

“The only time getting paid on show worked,” another shared.

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