Vault Comics Launches Musician-Led “Headshell” Imprint

Logo of independent comic book publisher Vault Comics.

Image: Vault Comics

Creator-owned comics have been on the rise in recent years at independent (read: not Big Two) publishers like Image Where Legendary Comics. A lot of these new books come from well-established comics like Saladin Ahmed Where Christian quarterbut actors like Keanu Reeves and Oscar Isaac also recently joined in the fun. Celebrities jump to different mediums quite frequently, and now musicians are going to create their own comics.

Revealed earlier in the week, independent publisher Vault Comics is launching a new comic book brand called “Headshell” that will feature comic books with original stories inspired by the groups that create them. The first of the group will be die inside from Fall Out Boy frontman Pete Wentz, writer Hannah Klein (Everything is fine), and artist Lisa Sterle (witch blood). Future imprint comics will be created by Redman, Def Leppard, Metallica, and the Beach Boys, each with their own creative teams to be revealed in the future.

Said Wentz in a press release, “Creating a new graphic novel with Vault and one of my favorite writers, Hannah Klein, has been a wild experience – in the best possible way.” Between her perspective, honesty, and savvy super dark humor and creative support from Vault throughout the process, I’m excited to share it with the world soon.”

“We’re thrilled to bring that experience to life by creating incredible, award-winning stories at Headshell in partnership with some of the biggest names in music,” continued Damian Wassel, CEO of Vault. “I look forward to sharing the Headshell line of books with the world.”

Of the various musicians, Metallica has the most experience with comics. In 2014, the heavy metal band teamed up with writer Jim McCarthy (bad company) and artist Brian Williamson (hook jaw) to create the biographical graphic novel Nothing else matters. Hopefully their comics and the rest of these groups expand their respective audiences and inspire more artists to join the trend.

[via Rolling Stone]

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