Why did Hulk Hogan give up his music career before becoming a professional wrestler?

Two-time WWE Hall of Famer Hulk Hogan needs no introduction. Fans remember him for his babyface run in WWE and as a high heel in WCW. He’s done it all in the professional wrestling business and currently enjoys telling similar stories.


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Surprisingly, The Hulkster initially had a different career path in mind. No, it was not baseball, but a different career in music, which he left to become a wrestler.


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Even though hulk hogan must have derailed his music career, his love for her was still the same. Once, while he sat for a interview with Jay Arthur Ray, The Hulkster has revealed why he had to leave to pursue a music career.

The Hulkster said, “It was an easy way to progress for quite a while. It ran its course. I was a huge wrestling fan. Ray, here, asked The Hulkster why a music career was taking its course.

The 12-time world champion replied: “It ran its course because I was on what they called a circuit if you call it that. After X years you go back to the same clubs and there will be a very small pay rise, so you don’t ( earn) not tons and tons of money.

Hogan added, “Basically you’re in it for the lifestyle and the minimum amount of money to pay your bills, even though the band was really good. If you win a national act or even break a record, you enter a certain potential structure.

In 1976, Hogan was part of a local music group Ruckus. The group quickly became popular in the Tampa Bay area. The WWE Hall of Famer is a fretless bassist.

One after spending years in professional wrestling, The Hulkster was ready to go the profession for a musical career. There was an opening for a bassist in Metallica, which he auditioned for but was unsuccessful.

At the time, Hogan wanted to make money and his physique attracted many promoters advising him to try his hand at pro wrestling. Since then, he has given his one hundred percent to wrestling and has become a legend in the industry.

Hulk Hogan hosts karaoke nights at his beach restaurant

Upon retirement, Hogan began running his beach shop/restaurant, Hogan’s Hangout. The place is near the Clearwater Beach area in Tampa, Florida and is one of the liveliest places there.

However, twice a week, The Hulkster hosts karaoke nights at the restaurant. This helps her promote her place and also gives her an opportunity to engage with several fans who visit to have a good time.


When did Hulk Hogan start wrestling?

4 months ago


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Additionally, there are times when The Immortal One takes the mic himself to sing for his audience. Fans who visit the place love the vibe that Nick Hogan creates there, as he is the restaurant’s DJ.

Many WWE and wrestling legends make their presence felt at Hogan’s Hangout. They spend time with Hogan reliving their good old days.


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What would have happened if The Hulkster was a musician? Share your thoughts in the comments.