A ‘good life’ flashes before our eyes in musician Michael Kiwanuka’s powerful promo

SMUGGLER’s Phillip Youmans Sets A Game Of Russian Roulette As The Backdrop For Emotional Kiwanuka Track

SMUGGLER director Phillip Youmans’ new music video “Beautiful Life” for Michael Kiwanuka features a game of Russian Roulette as the backdrop to Kiwanuka’s moving track. Exploring the phenomenon of DMT, Youmans interweaves the perspectives of four teenagers, each seeing their lives flash before their eyes before pulling the trigger.

Shot on 16mm, Youmans’ raw immersive approach creates scenes that are bold, dynamic and claustrophobic at the same time, while the kinetic camera during each flashback brings a nostalgic and lively feel. Through gripping storytelling carried by authentic performances from the nuanced and diverse cast, Phillip Youmans blends his artistry and Kiwanuka’s powerful single in a matter of life and death celebrating the true strength of the human spirit.

Best known for his award-winning debut feature BURNING CANE, Youmans has become a singular talent and one of cinema’s most exciting new voices. After his music video “Interlude (Loving The People)” for Michael Kiwanuka, Philip Youmans continues his collaboration with the Mercury Prize-winning artist with “Beautiful Life”.

Philippe Youmans comments: “This story is a cautionary tale about our country’s easy access to and fascination with firearms. We follow teenagers playing Russian roulette with a parent’s revolver. As each player holds the gun against his temple, his life flashes before his eyes. When we die, our bodies release DMT; as the chemical fills our bloodstream, a person is said to see his life flash before his eyes. So close to their possible death, I wanted to explore these characters through their memories. With each pull of the trigger, the risk of death increases and each player faces different levels of fear. Overconfidence and recklessness underline the themes central to this film: life is beautiful and precious, and conformism and exhibitionism can be deadly.Although they are scared, they pull the trigger anyway, yielding to the pressure of the moment.

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Production company: SMUGGLER @smugglersite

Director: Philippe Youmans @phillipyoumans

Executive producers: Brian Carmody, Patrick Milling Smith, Elizabeth Doonan @elizabethdoonan

Producer: Manny Caston @mannycaston

Director’s representative: OB Management

Services Society : Stray dogs @straydogsla

Stray dogs EP/AD: Phillip Soulliere @ironically_cliche

EP Stray Dogs: Ben Meserve @ben_reserve

EP Stray Dogs: Emmet Kilmer @efilms

PDO: Jeff Leeds Cohn @jeffleedscohn

1st CA: Pancho Ortiz @pancho_ortiz

2nd AC/Charger: Casey Van der Touw @casey_sandretto

Camera sound: Sophie Gemelas

Casting Director: April Rivera @apecastings

Production Designer: Liz Toonkel @liztoonkel

Artistic assistant: Fiona Jett Robinson @fionajett

Head of props: Mason Reynolds

Blunderer: Ryan Silber @ryandsilber

BBE: Andre L’Heurux

Key handle: Zied Jendoubi

BGB: Nathan Smith

Genres: Narration

Categories: Musical clip, Short films and music videos

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