A stray dog ​​lured by a musician walks into a bar to listen to him play the guitar

Adorable video shows adorable dog walking into cafe and listening to musician play guitar

Representative image. Image: Pinterest/MrWallpaper

If distressing news from around the world has left you feeling down, a video doing the rounds on the internet might just be your remedy. Shared on Twitter by Good News Correspondent, the video shows a stray dog ​​entering a bar where a musician was playing guitar and singing into the microphone. The heartwarming video shows how the adorable dog was drawn to the sound of the music and was curious to see how the guitar worked.

The 54-second video begins with a shot of the dog sitting in front of the musician and watching him play the guitar. In the following shot, we see the musician helping the stray dog ​​to touch the strings of his guitar. The dog touches the strings of the guitar with its paws, while the musician strokes its head. The delighted animal could also be seen wagging its tail as it enjoyed the comforting musical session. The video was shared on Twitter with a caption that read, “A stray dog ​​walks into a bar and sits down to enjoy live music. Dog clearly wanted to be part of the show, so he approached the musician and played guitar with him. Scratches and pats on the head are in order.


The video shared earlier on Friday has been viewed more than 18,000 times, prompting reaction from viewers. One of the users commented on Twitter: “Please tell me this man adopted this sweet little pup.”

Another curious user who shared the anticipation commented, “Please give us an update! I pray they are together!

While one comment read: ‘And they lived happily ever after, didn’t they? Right?!”

Meanwhile, for some, the video worked as a cure, as one user described it, “Best thing I’ve seen all week.”

What do you think of this adorable video blessing our Twitter feeds this weekend?

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