A struggling musician gets help – Informanté


WITH nearly every local musician facing financial ruin due to the lingering pandemic, the youth of Ondangwa have risen to the challenge of finding ways to help struggling musicians with what little they can offer.

Recently, the group started a project called “Laying on Hands to Make the Dream Come True”, for a local musician from Ondangwa Town, Jordan Shiyuka, popularly known as Jou-Lee.

Jou-Lee began her music career in 2001 and has co-starred with popular musicians such as The Dog. However, due to financial reasons, he fell into depression and faced a protracted musical struggle.

BACK: Jordan Shiyuka, one of Ondangwa’s youth assisted musicians. Photo: Maria David

Lay on hands Seblon co-founder Andreas Ndafenongo aka DJ Sebby, said they have seen the downfall of many musicians in the northern region as they don’t have a strong support system in the industry, which leaves them depressed and some fall into the industry.

Ndafenongo said this leaves many artists without any financial support, and many people readily support the dead, not the living.

“We try to change that perspective, rather than showing up to their funerals looking fancy and contributing funds to the dead, we do it while we’re alive to impact their lives,” he said. declared.

He added that due to life’s financial challenges and hurdles, Jou-Lee’s music career began to plummet and affected him emotionally.

“Everything he tried to do started not working for him, which caused him to almost give up as a result,” he said.

Ndafenongo said the project aims to support people in need and celebrate their work or arts during their lifetime instead of contributing to their funerals.

“Let’s learn to hold hands and love each other.”

He then called on all Namibians to join in helping Jou-Lee reclaim her rightful position in the music industry.

For his part, Jou-Lee said that such a project will help not only him alone, but all struggling local musicians in the Far North.

“This great initiative will help struggling artists across the country. Let us come together and unite to lift each other up,” he said.