American musician LeAnn Rimes reflects on her mental health journey

American musician LeAnn Rimes reflects on her mental health journey

American country musician LeAnn Rimes recently opened up about battling anxiety and depression at a young age and the impact it had on her mental health.

According Initiated report, Rimes, who shot to fame at age 13 with her hit song Bluebecame a distinguished singer before she turned 18.

However, the How do I do hit-maker told the outlet that all of these accomplishments and successes have taken a toll on her mental health.

She remembers performing with a 104 degree fever and vomiting backstage before going on stage, all that stress drove her to depression.

“Being in the public eye since I was very young and having to push past my humanity, I think, has been a big part of my experience with anxiety and depression and what triggered it,” he said. she explains.

The crooner mentioned that by the time she hit 30, she realized “she needed to seek professional help.”

“The 30-day stay at the treatment center changed my life. I loved being in there. And it was great to have other people going through the same things with that empathy and understanding,” she said.

Over the years, Rimes had evolved in the way she navigated the music career.

“I’m much more aware of my own needs, wants, and limitations, and structure my life around that, instead of allowing it to structure me,” she revealed.

Reflecting on her mental health journey, the singer added, “After years of feeling like I have to constantly feed the beast that is the music industry, I’m trying to slow down and shift my mental health. first.”

Meanwhile, the singer informed that her music album the work of god will be released on September 16 and it took him “three years to finish this one”.