Disco Fries to Present Their First Live Electronic Music Performance in Area 15 – EDM.com

Las Vegas got a whole lot cooler when Area 15 came to town. The immersive arts and entertainment complex opened to the community just minutes from the Strip in September 2020. The brainchild of Michel Benevillea 10-year Burning Man veteran, the venue took five years to build and is sure to stun and amaze all who visit.

The complex is now gearing up for its first live electronic music performance. dance music duet Disco fries won the coveted first set, which will take place on Saturday, March 13 inside “The Portal”, the Zone 15 event space. With a magnificent 360° projection room, the unique clubbing environment of the place is something to admire.

The gate

The event will follow COVID-19 safety rules with lounge-style table seating for up to six people. However, this is no ordinary concert. The exclusive performance requires all reservations to be made in advance with a huge minimum drink spend of $750-$1,000 required per table. There will be no general admission tickets and all attendees must be over 21 years of age.

If it’s out of your price range, never fear. Entry to Area 15 is free but must be secured early due to social distancing guidelines. While you’re there, you can check out the many interactive experiences featured within the grounds, including a special installation by renowned art collective Santa Fe meow wolf.

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