“Don’t die with the music still in you!” – The musician puts everything into play to devote his life to music and releases his first single

A few years ago, MICHELLION (“Mih kél lēon”) felt his stomach sink to the ground when he realized he was about to “die with the music still inside him”. Literally.

He was making a lot of money as a financial advisor, but the gold handcuffs were slowly making him give up the things he really wanted to do.

“I felt like I was being sucked into thick, powerful quicksand, the kind you only see in cartoons. And the longer I stayed there, the harder it was to get out! he said.

So he put it all on the line. He sold his business, his penthouse in West Los Angeles and everything that was not necessary to devote himself to the things that he has a natural passion and calls for.

Off to Musicians Institute (Hollywood, CA), he went.

Fast forward to today, MICHELLION is now releasing their debut single on Friday, August 19, 2022.

In the flavor of Psychedelic Folk Rock, “It’s You” is a haunting track about the journey inside the soul. Acoustic instruments juxtaposed with electric, like synths and electric guitars, balance the natural and organic with the alien and expansive. Haunting vocals, infectious melodies, and lyrical earworms of love and insight permeate MICHELLION’s music as it moves you, keeps you engaged, and transports you to another world. Goosebumps are usually felt all over.

Of course, the quality of the track is top notch as it has been mastered by 2x GRAMMY Winner and 4x GRAMMY Nominee, Robert Hadley (Pink Floyd, The Doors, Eagles).

MICHELLION has this to say about “It’s You”:

“You know that experience where you stop and REALLY look at your thoughts and what’s going on inside of you? Sometimes it can be quite… psychedelic.

You might even feel dizzy just doing this, as your old reality fades away. Sometimes you will see something in yourself and CRINGE. Was there! And you may notice thoughts and insights that you hadn’t really noticed before under the noise of your mind.

But just on the other side is all the goodness you seek. Expansion, new levels of consciousness, and all the skills and mindsets that can come with it.

My brother, Matt Narksusook, and I wrote “It’s You” about that same experience.

Fans describe MICHELLION as where the whimsical nature of Decemberists meets the rock vibe of My Morning Jacket and the musical playfulness of Phish.

MICHELLION is available on all major streaming platforms. You can also listen to his first single here: https://michellion.bandcamp.com/track/its-you

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