Finnish musician Olavi Uusivirta denies any connection with Prime Minister Sanna Marin

The Finnish musician filmed dancing up close with married Finnish Prime Minister Sanna Marin has come out publicly to deny having an affair with the leader.

Olavi Uusivirta made the announcement on Instagram on Friday, saying the two are just friends and writing in Finnish that “nothing inappropriate happened”. The Fin, 28, said he would not comment further on the matter.

“There has been speculation in the public about the quality of the relationship between me and Prime Minister Sanna Marin,” Uusivirta wrote. “Hand on heart, I can just say it like it is: we’re friends and nothing inappropriate has happened.”

A video of the duo surfaced online Friday, showing Marin, 36, dancing closely with Uusivirta as she beamed with music playing in the background. At one point, Uusivirta appeared to whisper something to the chef or, as some Finnish media suggested, kiss him.

The clip, which clearly shows Marin with Uusivirta despite being secretly recorded in a dark nightclub, was just over a minute long. This is the latest video to emerge in recent weeks that shows Marin enjoying Helsinki nightlife with celebrities from the Nordic nation.

Those videos led some of Marin’s voters to pressure the leader, now sometimes dubbed the “party’s PM”, to take a drug test on Friday. The leader said she did so as a sign of good faith towards her critics.

“I didn’t do anything illegal,” Marin said in Finnish, the BBC reported. “Even in my teens, I didn’t use any kind of drugs.”

To support Marin, hundreds of Finnish women have started posting videos of themselves dancing and partying on social media using the hashtag #solidaritywithsanna.

Although Marin has dismissed claims that she used drugs in the nightclub, she has not made a public statement about her relationship with Uusivirta, who posted a photo of himself with Marin on Instagram last week but removed it on Saturday.