First single a success for the Edenvale musician

Edenvale resident and musician Sheldon Horvatic recently released his debut single Shattered Soldier.

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The track was released after Sheldon started an alternative indie rock project to create Oceans of Angels.

Released at the end of March, Sheldon says he has already received positive feedback internationally.

Sheldon, whose passion for music began at a young age, said one of his earliest musical memories is of him playing the drums when he was nine years old.

“My family has always loved music. One of my uncles played guitar while another played drums,” Sheldon said.

“I started playing drums on my uncle’s drum set, then my mom finally bought me my own.”

Sheldon then learned to play several other instruments, including the guitar.

As he got older, Sheldon played for various South African bands.

Edenvale resident and musician Sheldon Horvatic recently released his debut single Shattered Soldier. He recently sat down with the NEWS to talk about the song and his passion for music.

He temporarily left the music scene when he decided to leave South Africa to work on cruise ships.

However, he soon found a guitar in the security locker of one of the ships he worked on.

“I asked if I could use the guitar and that’s when I started writing songs. Before that, I just played instruments for fun and in bands.

Sheldon explained that he originally intended to do Shattered Soldier solo.

“A friend of mine, Tristan Wilson, got involved in the project playing bass guitar.”

The single was mixed and mastered by Edenvale producer Mathew Fink.

After the release of his single, Sheldon said the feedback was unexpected.

“The Broken Soldier was amazing; I did not expect that. It was number one in Australia, it is on the Mix Fm Top 40 list and it plays on radio stations in countries like America and the UK.

Sheldon said that in light of the song’s reception, he would travel to the UK to perform on April 8.

“It’s cool to see a good response because you don’t know what to expect. Getting a good response is amazing, I didn’t expect that.

Speaking about the lyrics, Sheldon said the words came from a place of pain.

“I wrote it from the perspective of everyone hurt. I wrote it at a time when I was going through something bad. For me, there was nothing good,” Sheldon explained.

As for the next step in his musical journey, Sheldon said he plans to release his second single Tell Me We’re Still on Fire soon.

“The second single will have a similar sound and the big chorus, but it’s different from Shattered Soldiers.”
Shattered Soldiers is available on all music streaming platforms, you can also follow Oceans of Angels on Facebook or Instagram.

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