Former NW radio host and folk musician selling hundreds of records


Dan Maher is the former folk music radio producer for Northwest Public Broadcasting.

North West Public Radio

For 37 years, Dan Maher worked as a public radio host while collecting thousands of vinyl records.

The former Northwest Public Broadcasting folk music radio producer recently decided to move into a new apartment, but his new apartment didn’t have enough space to hold all of his vinyl records.

So Maher donated it to be sold as a fundraiser for the 3 Rivers Folklife Society.

“Dan is like an encyclopedia,” said 3RFS volunteer Teresa Andre. “If you tell him about an album, he can tell you things about the artists, but also things about the songs, the context of the songs, why they were written and it’s amazing how much information he has. has.”

3RSF hosts a Tumbleweed Music Festival in the Tri-Cities each fall with five outdoor stages for musicians, and Maher is heavily involved in the festival each year, Andre said.

“Dan has been very supportive of 3 Rivers Folklife activities, but in particular the Tumbleweed Music Festival,” said Andre.

Andre said Maher went through a period where we didn’t know which of his records he wanted to keep and which he wanted to sell, but he eventually reached the point where he realized he couldn’t take so many with him.

He wants his records to go to the people who will use them. He sells more than 2,000 vinyls.

There are boxes among boxes of vinyls prepared for community members to browse and fall in love with.

The fundraiser will take place over two days and Maher will be there for both. Andre said she even tried to convince him to play.

The fundraiser will take place from 8:30 a.m. to 3 p.m. on June 10 and 11 at 803 Birch Ave. in Richmond.

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