Gifted street musician, student brings melodies to Nacogdoches | New

A trip to the Nacogdoches Farmer’s Market will guarantee fresh produce and local products. NOTtoday he will also guarantee a concert by Emily Atchison, SFA student and street musician who has become a local rising sensation for his singing and ukulele music.

Atchison, a young social work student from Texarkana, started playing the ukulele when she was 13 to accompany him singing.

I went to a church camp where the was a girl who playedand I was like, I have to do that,“said Atchison. “And then, I picked up my brother’s cheap ukulele and I learned to play.

From a musically gifted family and have five siblingsAtchison grew up surrounded by music and was not lacking in inspiration.

“[My mother] pursued opera music for a few years. My sister was in choral. My brothers were in the choir,” Atchison said. “Two of my brothers play the piano. One of them was just picking up instruments and playing. He played mandolin, accordion, piano, anything he could get his hands on..”

Atchison was in the choir herself, but her real performances began on the streets of Germany and Mexico, where on family trips she would stand on street corners and play her ukulele for money from poached.

“It’s a bit like that that I started, in the street [in Germany],” she said. “I made a lot of money on the side of the street and I was like, ‘Wow, I could do this.'”

Once she moved to Nacogdoches for college, Atchison got in touch with the Farmer’s Market and asked if she could perform on the street. From her performances there, she has faded away to play Naca Valley vineyarda local vineyard and winery.

Chelsea Mouton, co-owner and special events coordinator for Naca Valley Vineyard, first discovered Atchison at the farmer’s market and asked her if she could play for them. Mouton describes Atchison’s style as “folk, whimsical, earthly and heavenly, aeverything at once.

Customers love it as much as we do“, Mouton said. “She’s a refreshing performer in an industry that’s starting to look boring at times. – everybody copy everyone until everything starts to sound the same.

Atchison plays and sings in just about every genre, from pop music, German songs to some Spanish songs. But she would describe her personal style as “indie cafe music.”

I believe that music should speak to everyone, and a song is not go to talk to you the same way [someone else]”, said Atchison. And then, if I to play two songs that speak to you both in a different way, I did what I wanted to do.

While she would like to start a YouTube channel and SoundCloud, Atchison is still working on original songs to launch them. However, while she enjoys making and performing music, Atchison to concentrate currently works in the social field and hopes to pursue a career in the field of addiction and mental health.

“Whether [a music career] had to come and fall in my lap, and I would be lucky enough to be able to pursue it on the side, I would 100% take those opportunities,” Atchison said. “Social work is just something I’m passionate about. I can continue [social work] as a career while enjoying the side hobby of music.

Nevertheless, his family and friends continue to support his musical career.

Madalyn Howard, a senior interdisciplinary chemistry major from Sulfur, La, said she met Atchison in a philosophy class in the spring of 2022, and they’ve been friends ever since.

“[Atchison] is extremely talented and dedicated to her craft,” Howard said. “She just brings a special light to a room. She sings beautifully.”

While Atchison would love to play in more venues around Nacogdoches, you can currently find her most Saturdays at the Nacogdoches Farmer’s Market. She will also perform for Stonehouse Kitchen in downtown Día de the bone Muertos Festival on November 5. This will be her first performance at the festival, and she be playing traditional Day of the Dead songs, like “La Llorona.”

allowing Nacogdoches to be part of the start of his promising musical career.