Harsh Goenka Shares Video Of Street Musician Singing “Kesariya” In London

The crowd can be seen singing along with the musician.

Kesaria‘, by Ranbir Kapoor-Alia Bhatt starring ‘brahmastra‘, became an instant hit after its release. It’s not only one of the most trending, romantic and upbeat tracks of the season, people are also doing Instagram reels to the song. In a recent viral internet video, a busker is seen entertaining crowds with the sone in London.

The video was shared by industrialist Harsh Goenka on Twitter, and it shows the man singing’Kesaria‘ in a London street. A huge crowd can also be seen standing near the man as he performs the song. As the musician hits the chorus, many passers-by are drawn to the ongoing activity and join the crowd. They even begin to sing with the musician.

Harsh Goenka captioned the video as follows: “Meanwhile in the main roads of London… What a beautiful rhythm this song has!” The video was shared on Sunday and since then it has amassed over a million views and 3,000 likes.

One Twitter user commented: “One of the best songs I’ve heard in Hindi lately. Hope it’s in your playlist sir.” “Talented singer and precious lyrics too :)” said a second user.

A third person commented: ‘Movies and music can go around the world without a passport or visa and everyone would still love them’

“Pretty song to get people dancing on the street far away from Mumbai. Our songs have magic, one of the reasons why Bollywood is firmly rooted all over the world.” added another netizen.

The song, beautifully performed by Arijit Singh, was pictured on Alia Bhatt and Ranbir Kapoor in the film released in September.

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A similar video from the same musician went viral a few months ago. In the clip, street artist Vish was singing a popular song from the 2003 Bollywood hit film ‘Kal Ho Na Ho‘. Several videos of the singer performing on the streets of the UK became an instant internet hit. According to his Instagram bio, Vish is “Bollywood’s No. 1 Busker in the UK”.

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