Herts Helefonix musician releases new album The Awakening

06:00 March 31, 2022

Today – March 31 – sees the release of a second album by local musician, producer and promoter Helen Meissner.

Under the name Helefonix, Helen’s new record awakening is unusual in that it is a “concept” album.

The 10 tracks, largely wordless but rich in chorus, tell a story of self-discovery and the inevitable questioning we all experience.

The music is trance-like and meditative, and has been described as “a warm hug”.

Helefonix’s new album is called The Awakening
– Credit: Helen Meissner

Helen is especially proud that Ivor Novello Lifetime Achievement Award winner, composer Nitin Sawhney, said this. “Oh wow. Really beautiful. It feels like a ski trip from mind to heart and back, with many wonderful forests and dreamy landscapes along the way. Beautiful!”

Helefonix tracks have been featured by Mike Naylor on BBC Three Counties, performed on BBC 6 Music via Tom Robinson and Cerys Matthews, and BBC Radio 3 by Elizabeth Alker.

Helen, who is based in Walkern with her husband, singer Joe Rose, started making music during lockdown and surprised everyone with her various creations.

Helen Meissner aka Helefonix.

Helen Meissner aka Helefonix.
– Credit: Helen Meissner

She uses lots of samples and loops, a method more easily associated with rap and dance producers.

Helen, aka her nickname Helefonix, has been delighted with the enthusiasm with which her music has been received and the support from national and local radio stations.

A strong advocate for local radio, Helen and her husband Joe Rose visited Slava and the Wildman show on Stevenage’s SG1 radio, where they presented his new album. Awakening.

Helen Meissner, aka Helefonix, and Joe Rose on the radio show Slava and Trev.

Helen Meissner, aka Helefonix, and Joe Rose on the radio show Slava and Trev.
– Credit: Helen Meissner

Joe also spoke of his return to gigs and is returning to Colchester to entertain at Johnno Casson’s Warm and Toasty Club.

“Johnno was the first person to try my luck four years ago and I love playing at his community events, which are made possible through his dedication and funding from the National Lottery.”

Meanwhile, Helen’s next gig is in Old Kent Road, for Neil March’s Vanishing Point series, also on April 7, coincidentally, supported by lottery funding.

awakening is available as a CD and can also be streamed on all the usual platforms starting today, March 31. Visit www.helefonix.co.uk to find out more.