His musical career and greatest hits

From a hidden gem in Nigeria to one of the biggest names in the music scene, Tekno Miles has made his presence known as an incredible singer and songwriter. His tracks are considered among the best in his country and his artistry has been the driving force behind his many accolades and partnerships.

The musical beginnings of Tekno Miles

Tekno Miles was first discovered by famous Nigerian comedian Julius Agwu performing a song titled “Onye Ne Kwu” and receiving a standing ovation. He was later encouraged by some people from Made Men Music Group to build a career out of his musical talent. Her very first single, “Holiday”, was well received by listeners across Nigeria.

He has also been recognized by international artists for his talent. Sir Elton John performed one of Miles’ songs, Diana, on an episode of Rocket Hour on Apple Music. He also collaborated with American singer Ciara for the song Freak Me. Tekno Miles was featured in Beyonce’s track The Lion King: The Gift in the song Don’t Jealous Me.

Tekno Miles Greatest Hits

Including Tekno Miles, Bitcasino partners with an esports team, three musicians and a hockey team. It just proves that he is among the musical artists who have a wide reach, especially in Nigeria. Wondering about some of Tekno Miles’ greatest hits? Some of them are:


Pana was Tekno Miles’ biggest hit of 2016 and arguably the most popular song in Nigeria at the time. Listeners outside Nigeria also enjoyed the song, with the official music video garnering over 140 million views on YouTube. Pana was also nominated for Best Single of the Year 2017 at the Nigeria Entertainment Awards.


Known as one of the tracks that skyrocketed Tekno Miles fame, Duro spawned a remix from renowned artists Phyno and Flavor. Originally produced by DJ Coublon, this love song became a huge hit among Nigerians and was even nominated for Hottest Single and Best Music Video at the 2016 Nigeria Entertainment Awards.


Where tells the story of a man who wants to perform the marriage rites to the parents of a beautiful lady he wants to marry. This 2016 feel-good song has a wonderful music video where Tekno Miles shows off his dance moves. The song was produced under Made Men Music Group by Miles’ friend Selebobo.


The year 2016 was undoubtedly Tekno Miles’ breakthrough year in the music industry, with fans loving how he managed to release one banger after another. Diana became a sequel to Miles’ earlier hits that year. Through this song, he shows his gratitude to all his female fans not only in Nigeria but also in other parts of Africa.


Tekno Miles’ success has also been seen by other industries, leading some brands to partner with it for endorsements.


MTN is a multinational telecommunications company based in South Africa. The company’s Nigerian department has partnered with Tekno Miles for the artist’s biggest endorsement deal following his success in the late 2010s.


Bitcasino, the world’s leading crypto-casino, also appreciated Tekno Miles’ music and influence in the Afro-pop landscape. After signing a deal with Bitcasino, he has now become a high roller VIP who loves games and his music at the same time. As Bitcasino partners with an esports team, three musicians and a hockey teamit is undeniable that other artists will be added to their list of ambassadors.

Tekno Miles was one of the lucky ones whose talent was discovered and welcomed by his community. With his great affinity and love for music, listeners are sure that his next release will be as good as the previous ones.