I once worked in a bakery to support my music career —Snoweezy

Aderinoye Hassan popularly known as Snoweezy is a rising artist in the city of Ibadan and in this interview with ADEKUNLE SULAIMON he shares a story about his background, hopes and future plans. Excerpts:

Can you tell us about your personality as an artist?

My name is Aderinoye Hassan, better known as Snoweezy. I’m into Afro music and I call my genre guy, Afroversa. Afro represents the African sound in general while “versa” stands for versatility.

How did you end up in the music industry?

I have always loved music since my childhood. I love sound and growing up I always bought music records with my pocket money.

Music, for me, started from within. It’s more of a passion than a profession. It is a career that I have cultivated since childhood.

Did you release an album?

I just released a few albums. My recent album is called imperfection and I had the privilege of working with well known artists like BellaShmuda, Mohbad and others on it.

What is your background ?

I grew up in Sagamu, Ogun State in a family of seven. My father is a teacher while my mother is a hairdresser. I also have a twin brother who hosts me under his label and who is also my general manager.

Can you tell us about your educational background?

I started my primary school at Advanced Breed College, Sagamu before moving on to Mayflower Secondary School in Ikenne and then later to Community Secondary School in Ikenne. I am a holder of a national diploma certificate from the Federal Polytechnic of Ilaro. I am currently in my final year for a B.Sc. certificate at ESAE University in Cotonou.

What do you think of Sagamu and Ibadan regarding entertainment?

Sagamu isn’t exactly supportive of upcoming artists, but he’s willing to hug you when you go out of town to do so. Ibadan, on the other hand, is very accommodating. I have been staying in Ibadan for almost three years and can say that Ibadan is full of life in almost every way including commerce and entertainment. Ibadan looks to what Lagos State will eventually become.

What did you think of your stay in Ibadan?

I have met many honorable people. Last week, I was with the Oyo State Commissioner for Youth and Sports. I also had the opportunity to play at Asiwaju Segun Olalere’s birthday. Asiwaju is the best friend of the 2019 APC Governor candidate of Oyo State; and many other important events.

Do you have role models in the music industry?

I admire people like Olamide, Wizkid and Buraimo. I haven’t met any of them, but if I do, I will feel fulfilled because it would be like taking a step closer to my goals.

Where does the name ‘Snoweezy’ come from?

Growing up I liked the color white and it kind of reflected on my attire so I took the name Snow T until one of my brothers added “Weezy” probably because my voice sounds like Wizkid’s.

How did you start your musical journey?

It started when I was in high school when I had the opportunity to perform at a farewell service. I received praise from the public and was motivated to go into the studio. During this period and now I have gained more fans with nearly 17,000 followers on Instagram and other social media platforms.

How do you manage the commercial aspect of the music?

The commercial aspect was not rosy. I had some financial problems with representatives of certain artists with whom I collaborated. It’s a challenge but I’m learning from it.

How did you overcome your financial challenges?

When I started music, I didn’t know that music required a lot of money. When it occurred to me, I had to engage in many odd jobs. Once I worked in a bakery, after which I switched to trading fish ponds. I also taught at a school until I got accepted and some of my friends started showing love to me, financially, to keep my music career on track.

If you weren’t making music, what else would you have been doing?

If I wasn’t making music, I would still be in the entertainment industry. However, I love tourism and would most likely do something along those lines in the future.

Where do you see yourself in the next five years?

I hope to be one of the greatest artists in Africa. And I send a message to the world to anticipate the best in me.


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