Janet Jackson celebrates 40 years of music career with self-documentary, ‘JANET’

There will always be a debate about ‘Who is the Queen of Pop?’. Janet Jackson responds to this through the latest documentary based on her life, named “Janet”.

The artist shared the teaser on Instagram and wrote, “Hey guys. Nice to share with you the first teaser for my new documentary. #JanetDoc @[email protected]”. Yes! As simple as that.

Throughout his life and musical career, the entertainer has always been so humble with a bigger personality just like his brother Michael Jackson. But has she been sufficiently recognized for her work? It’s time to reveal yourself.

The teaser video also features a few lines from his 1986 musical hit “Control.” The lines “When I was 17 I did what people told me / I did what my father said / And I let my mother shape me / But that was a long time ago ” are punctuated by a few smooth shots and transitions that depict his life.

In case you were wondering about the occasion, Janet Damita Jo Jackson successfully spent 40 prolific years of her music career. The artist will celebrate the 40th anniversary of his first album next year.

The documentary is four hours long and will depict Janet’s life on January nights next year.

In the music video, Janet says, “This is my story told by me. Not through anyone else’s eyes,” assuring her fans and followers that this is her point of view, whether people like her or not. However, fans are just spreading the love through the comments.

The clip also features Mariah Carey, Missy Elliott, Paula Abdul, her brother Tito and many more.

A&E and Lifetime will air the project and they have confirmed that it will feature life’s most controversial events. The documentary will cover the death of his father as well as that of his brother, Michael Jackson, which are the greatest tragic events of his life. From the infamous Super Bowl incident to her motherhood experience; it’s all part of the documentary.

The artist has been through a fair share of struggles and mental turmoil even though his songs have only made listeners happy. It’s time to look back at the artist who entertained everyone with his valuable contributions.