Jazz musician/producer, Infinite Jaguar, set to release new song, “Ghost Meat”, on September 6, 2022

USA, Sept. 1, 2022 /EINPresswire.com/ — With the release of his third single this year, producer Infinite Jaguar is raising the bar for jazz musicians who mix genres. ‘Ghost Meat’ features jazz giants Tim Lefebvre on bass and John Ellis on sax. Heavy lo-fi beats meet harmonically complex drums and bass in this epic new single.

While Lee Barbour is best known as a jazz guitarist, performing with several members of Snarky Puppy, Felix Pastorius, Ellis Hall and countless others, his skills as a producer are formidable. His 2018 release, “Ultrasound,” was a departure from his more jazz-based albums in the realm of electronic music. He chronicled the pregnancy and birth of his first child, in a deeply personal and moving concept album that easily mixed genres to tell his story.

When it became clear that he had more to say as a producer, in addition to his inclinations for the jazz guitar, he decided to create a new persona who could explore the musical worlds he grew up with, now in as a seasoned musician and producer.

The name, Infinite Jaguar, came to him during an intense training weekend with an international boy band. At the crossroads between being vulnerable enough to accept help and empowered enough to offer help, the Jaguar has become an ally in connecting its past and future here and now.

Musically, he draws on his influences as a kid from the 80s. Movies, video games and a general retro aesthetic inform his tendencies towards harmonically complex lo-fi and boom bap beats. Neo Soul and drum and bass are also woven into tracks that occasionally feature a guest artist.

Barbour composes, performs, mixes, masters and edits the music videos in order to offer a musical/visual experience to be shared with the world as faithfully as possible to itself.

Infinite Jaguar’s “Ghost Meat” will be available everywhere there is music on September 6th. Be sure to follow Infinite Jaguar on Instagram and stay up to date with what’s new on the official Youtube channel!

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