Killer turns to Chilean musician Jose Miguel Velasco

The Killers turn to Chilean musician Jose Miguel Velasco. Pepo is Chilean José Miguel Velasco, who was invited to appear on The Killers Show and hung a flag in favor of constitutional change.

Assassin Jose Miguel Velasco

The North American rock band The Killers lit up the stages of Rogers Arena in Vancouver, Canada, but this time with the participation of a special guest: Jose Miguel Velasco, a Chilean nicknamed Pepo, who took advantage of Five Minutes of Fame (Andy Warhol) to show his support for constitutional change in Chile.

The musician, who has been based in Canada since 2017, provided details of the exciting moment, explaining that his desire to fill the drummer’s spot was born about two months earlier. And that his inspiration, in addition to the musical experience, also comes from the responsibility of political visibility.

He took advantage of the occasion through a poster that recorded the words “I practiced with you for weeks” on the one hand and “I approve” in reference to the September 4 referendum.

“About a month ago, the idea of ​​mixing two ideas (music and politics) came to my mind. It’s not a protest, but a way of doing something, because From here you can vote I don’t know, harass your friends and family on Facebook and WhatsApp and send them information, but it’s hard Talking is not that easy Or do something in the street,” explained Pepo, who left the poster leaning on the drums and took to the stage wearing a T-shirt that read “I approve.”


Likewise, Velasco said that although he started venturing into music years ago, now that he lives in a small apartment, it’s not possible to have drums. So he had to manage in different ways to be able to rehearse.

“Knowing a song is one thing and playing it is another. It’s hard. Also, Ronnie Vannucci is a great drummer and he never plays the same way, everyone is different,” he said.

“Over the past few weeks I’ve been to rehearsal rooms four times just to practice this song, arrangement and fill. I’ve used the Metronome app, my Sure 215 headphones and the mp3 and video versions of the song at the Royal Albert Hall 2008.”