Kwon Eun-bi opens a new chapter in her music career with ‘Door’

Solo artist Kwon Eun-bi poses during an online press conference on Tuesday. (Woillim Entertainment)

Kwon Eun-bi landed well with fans on Tuesday, being the first to debut as a solo artist for the now disbanded project girl group IZ*ONE. The idol-turned-soloist opened the door to a new chapter in her music career with her debut EP, “Open,” released Tuesday night.

The six-song imprint is a set brimming with six different flavors, including a ballad and several catchy performances, the singer said during an online press conference on Tuesday.

“As the name suggests, the word ‘open’ means to reveal something new, so I tried to reveal other sides of myself that fans might not necessarily have seen since I first debuted in 2018 as IZ*ONE,” Kwon said. She added that the term shows her strong determination to solidify her presence as a solo artist in the music scene.

The singer said he struggled to “get the album right the first time”. Kwon said that she participated in all the procedures this time, from the preparation stage and styling to trying out new concepts and musical genres, which paved the way for a good album.

The versatile all-rounder made her debut as a lyricist for her title track “Door.” She said she wanted to convey her story as Kwon Eun-bi, the solo artist, to fans. Kwon called the song an “electro-swing based melody, which serves as the main background, which mixes brass with funky jazz elements”.

Talking about why she came up with the word “door”, she explained how it could serve as a place that brings people together and allows others to meet new people in a totally unfamiliar setting. The musician wanted the message behind the door to “show other sides of me in a secret place,” saying the hidden place could be reached by opening the door.

(Woillim Entertainment)

(Woillim Entertainment)

The singer and lyricist also made his debut as a songwriter thanks to the side track “Raining Road”, hoping the song would be repeated on many people’s playlists during rainy days.

The up-and-coming K-pop actor also opened up about how she came up with the idea for the stage performance. She said she was the one who first suggested decorating the stage as a Broadway musical. “I think I was able to do some dance moves with the dancers and we were able to create a high quality performance,” she added.

She also said that she immersed herself in music-based films and watched various music performances, videos, and pictures as a reference, which was a great help in coming up with new ideas.

Adding to the excitement, the artist hinted at a clip from the music video which will be released later. She said the film version of “Alice in Wonderland” was a big inspiration when crafting the video’s narration. She added that she tried to spice up many musical elements for her choreography to highlight the visual aspects of her music.

When asked what she aims to achieve as a solo female actor, she said she wants to delight and catch the ears of fans and music lovers with her expanded musical taste.

“I personally revere BoA, also dubbed the star of Asia. Just like her, I want to have broader musical genres and concepts fit for me and deliver my melody.

The up-and-coming musical artist returns almost four months after bidding farewell to fans as an idol member to respond to the explosive love from fans in his latest release.

The six-song package that showcases the singer’s multi-faceted vocals and stage presence was released at 6 p.m. Tuesday.

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