Legendary musician/producer Alan Parsons forced to postpone his European tour

Alan Parsons Live Project

Alan Parsons honored by Prince William at Windsor Castle

Alan Parsons receives OBE from Prince William at Windsor Castle

The release of Alan Parsons' new album is scheduled for July 15, 2022.

Alan Parsons set to release new album on July 15, 2022

Parsons is deeply saddened by the postponement of the tour and realizes his fans will be disappointed by the news.

There’s no way I could have made it through the tour trip and performing on stage in my current state. I’ll fix this, then I’ll be back at work and working as usual. »

—Alan Parsons

SANTA BARBARA, CALIFORNIA, USA, June 16, 2022 /EINPresswire.com/ — Until the start of this week, it was clear that iconic producer, songwriter and performer Alan Parsons had no intention of slowing down anytime soon and looked forward to a long-awaited concert tour of Europe. During the two years of Covid-related tour cancellations and postponements, Parsons was very busy recording a new studio album as well as mixing a number of projects, including two of his live gigs and various updates. surround sound from his classic albums. And throughout the first half of this year, the young 73-year-old Parsons and his group of highly skilled musicians, known as The Alan Parsons Live Project, found themselves on the road all over the United States, which included a passage on the theme of progressive music. Cruise to the Edge in May.

Additional performances were scheduled to start in Europe later in June; that is, until Parsons suddenly had a serious spinal problem, significantly affecting his mobility. His doctors ordered him to cancel the upcoming tour and undergo much-needed surgery. Parsons adds, “There’s no way I could have made it through the tour trip and performing on stage in my current state. I’ll fix this, and then it’ll be “back to work” and business as usual. »

Parsons is deeply saddened by the postponement of the tour and realizes his fans will be disappointed by the news. However, it should be noted that he has no intention of slowing things down or hanging things in the long run. After all, Parsons was able to keep up with his previous tour commitments earlier this year, despite breaking an elbow and a rib just before the tour began.

We all wish him a speedy and full recovery.

In other news:

-> Parsons receives OBE from Prince William

Last month, Parsons traveled to the UK to accept one of his country’s highest honors for his contribution to the arts over the past decades. Parsons had received an OBE (Order of the British Empire) in June 2021 and in a prestigious ceremony at Windsor Castle on May 17, 2022 received the medal itself directly from Prince William.

-> Parsons revisits Abbey Road studios

Following the OBE ceremony, Parsons and his wife Lisa, swung by his old stomping ground, Abbey Road Studios, the studio made famous by the Beatles and where Alan not only got his start as a trainee, but over the years he became vice president in the late nineties. Those present for the impromptu visit were delighted to see that Parsons had finally received the recognition he deserved from the Queen for his many years of commitment to advancing the art and science of music in the Kingdom. -United.

-> Parsons is an ambassador at the High End International Audio Show in Munich

From London, Parsons traveled to Munich, Germany to attend the High End Society’s International Audio Show, where he represented the company as an ambassador, delighting manufacturers and audiophiles alike at the show. . Managing Director Stefan Dreischarf was delighted to have Parsons attend this year’s event and believes he was the perfect choice to represent the message of the symbiosis of High End music and technology to the world.

-> Alan Parsons new album single released

Following the worldwide success of two consecutive Alan Parsons Live Project releases on Blu-ray, DVD, CD and LP (The NeverEnding Show: Live In The Netherlands in late 2021 and One Note Symphony: Live In Tel Aviv with the Philharmonic Orchestra of Israel in early 2022), Parsons was now set to release a brand new studio recording titled From The New World. The album’s lead single, “Uroboros”, was released in late May and features STYX’s Tommy Shaw as a special guest vocalist.

A second single from the album titled “I Won’t Be Led Astray” will feature Alan Parsons alumni David Pack, formerly of Ambrosia on vocals, as well as world-renowned blues legend Joe Bonamassa on the guitar. IM3Global’s production team of Trinity Houston and David Minasian, who were responsible for assembling Parsons’ previous two live video releases as well as the music video for The NeverEnding Show song, were on hand to capture on film the historic reteam of Parsons and Pack at Parsonics Studios in Santa Barbara, Calif., last week. Parsons had engineered Ambrosia’s debut album and produced their second in the mid-1970s, both of which received Grammy nominations. The new single is a joint composition between Minasian, Elton John keyboardist Kim Bullard and Parsons. From the New World is published by Frontiers Records and hits the streets on July 15th.

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Alan Parsons – “Uroboros” ft. Tommy Shaw (Styx) – Official Music Video