Listen Campaign publishes NFTs of historical musical performances

Legendary performances from Diana Ross, BB King, Seal, Shaggy and more are featured

The Listen campaign has announced it is auctioning NFTs of historic 30-second musical performances by icons including Diana Ross, BB King, Jackson Browne, Seal, Shaggy and others, in the first installment of a series weekly. Available at The Listen Collectibles Auction and Shop, the first seven NFTs will be released January 19 on

The Listen Campaign is an annual media initiative that galvanizes over 150 creative artists, brands, media and a community of 35 million people over a decade to help seed the world with evidence-based solutions of repeatable and scalable projects to improve vulnerable and disadvantaged children. Lives. The campaign is the brainchild of legendary producer Tony Hollingsworth, who created nine of the biggest broadcast events in history, including the Tribute to Nelson Mandela’s 70th birthday and The Wall – Living in Berlin.

The NFTs come from Hollingsworth’s extensive musical performance archive, which includes Stevie Wonder, Dire Straits, Whitney Houston, Bee Gees, Bob Dylan, Natalie Cole, David Bowie, Alanis Morissette and Lou Reed, among others. NFTs are digitally remastered and uniquely framed, using the Flow blockchain which supports a comparatively lower carbon footprint.

“Our extensive catalog features unique performances from some of the world’s most celebrated and compelling artists and we use this archive to draw attention to the plight of the vulnerable and disadvantaged,” says Hollingsworth, Founder of The Listen Campaign. “Proceeds from the Listen Auction and Collectibles Shop will help The Listen Campaign in its efforts to show the world solutions to the problems faced by vulnerable and disadvantaged children suffering from poverty, natural disasters, disease , war, exploitation and other threats.”

In addition to a series of archival NFTs, The Listen Campaign will release newly created NFTs by more than 160 popular artists from music, TV and film, literature and visuals later this year. Members of the public will also be invited to create NFTs with the best sellers in The Listen Collectibles Auction and Shop to support the campaign. Audiences will also be invited to vote for the best NFTs in the Listen Creative Arts Awards which will be featured in a massive global show featuring historic musical performances airing on ABC and Hulu in the US and streamed worldwide by Kiswe.

The campaign is also supported by the sale of a utility token ($LSTN) which provides holders with many benefits, such as a membership club, including up to 50% NFT in The Listen Collectibles Auction and Shop.

Since COVID-19 hit, the number of vulnerable and disadvantaged children around the world has increased by 20%. The Listen campaign will raise the voices of these children, so they can tell their own stories. Many artists participating in the campaign will also incorporate these stories into the NFTs they create.

The Listen campaign is designed to create a global online community of active users, leveraging 19 different ways to participate, including creating original content, recruiting, sharing, voting and donating. The campaign aims to raise $100 million in donations annually, which will go to 75 projects that have been proven to meet the needs of vulnerable children and can be replicated or scaled.

The Listen Campaign draws on creative artists, media and the creative industries to campaign for the needs and rights of the world’s vulnerable and disadvantaged children – especially those who suffer from the scourges of poverty, disease, natural disasters, war and exploitation. The campaign will use a unique platform combining new, traditional and social media to create a global community of supporters who will participate by listening, creating, giving, thinking, recruiting, promoting, buying, advocating, investing and celebrating. Children will speak safely and with dignity about the issues they face and the Listen community will discuss ways to resolve them.