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It’s been two years since Long Beach artist HeyDeon released his latest project, 2020’s “Emotional Wreck,” a full-length album exploring the highs and lows of his love life, including a lot of heartbreak. Now he’s gearing up for the August 16 release of “We Were Meant to Be,” a four-song EP that couldn’t be more different. Every track on the new EP is brimming with heart-pounding, heart-pounding love.

“It’s just me fully embracing this love I have right now,” he said. “Musically, I feel like toxic records or disrespect is the wave right now, and that’s not where I’m at. Society feels like bad times are can -be more real – I can’t vouch for everyone, but I’d rather just hold on to happiness. I’m not going to release a record pretending to be sad and depressed.

Whether he’s writing rap or R&B, the 2014 Long Beach Poly graduate has always kept his music grounded in what he’s going through. And right now, it’s being madly in love with his fiancée, Long Beach artist Torin Thomas.

“I don’t like writing anything that I’m not actually living, and she’s the best thing in my life, she’s the best time,” HeyDeon said. “The first day we met, we talked for 11 hours. It was one of those instant connections. I told him from the jump that I’m here for the long haul, you’re gonna have to leave me if anything. It was full speed ahead, no turning back, just learning to love each other every day.

Deon Samuel Williams Jr., better known as HeyDeon, in his studio at his home in Long Beach on Wednesday, July 29, 2020. Photo by Thomas R. Cordova.

WWMTB’s opening track, “If It’s Alright”, is a beautiful documentation of that feeling and that moment of anticipation before a first date, knowing that everything could change.

Things also appear to be about to change for the young musician’s career. He was candid that he felt like he had hit a ceiling and wanted to start finding an audience outside of Southern California. He’s gotten co-signs from some of the biggest names in music: he appeared as a guest artist on Snoop Dogg’s latest album, opened for him at a festival, and Snoop also directed a music video for HeyDeon Last year.

R&B and rap artist HeyDeon, Deon Samuel Williams Jr., on the set of a music video directed by Snoop Dogg. Photo courtesy of Riccardo Stanley.

“I’m trying to grow from being a Long Beach artist so I can reach more people,” he said. “I’m trying to be better at marketing and getting better at that side of things. I know the music is there, but I’m trying to take the next step.

Listening to him talk about his career and his relationship, the parallels are obvious. Shaking off the fear of showing off and being vulnerable with a partner, Deon Williams the man found himself in a committed relationship. Now, HeyDeon the musician hopes to do the same.

“I think people are afraid to commit, afraid to give themselves to someone else, and I wanted to write about that and what a beautiful thing it’s been for me,” he said. .

If music lovers agree, he could also find himself in the next stage of his professional career.

“We Were Meant To Be” premieres August 16 on all streaming platforms. The album was released independently and was produced by Shon Lawon, Nick Oroc, Chris Keys and Soopafly.

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