Manhattan School of Music Student Wins 2022 Wilshire Quinn Musical Arts Scholarship

SAN DIEGO, August 12, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Wilshire Quinn Capital, Inc. announces the pianist Evelyn Dimov as the 2022 Wilshire Quinn Musical Arts Fellowship recipient. Wilshire Quinn to apply to $10,000 towards its next registration in the fall at Manhattan School of Music At New York.

Wilshire Quinn received over 1,000 scholarship applications from music majors around the world United Stateseach of which included personal statements and video performances.

Dimov, whose stage name is Evelyn Diamondrecently accepted an offer to attend the Manhattan School of Musicone of the best independent music conservatories in the country.

Evelyn is an accomplished pianist from Palo Alto, California and began participating in music competitions at the age of eight. She has won several competitions, including the El Camino Symphony Concerto Competition for Young People, the Glendale Piano Competition and the VII Rosario Marciano Piano Competition.

Evelyn’s talents have also allowed her to perform at music festivals around the world, in places such as Italy, Spain, Russia, Franceand Switzerland.

“We are delighted to award this year’s Musical Arts Scholarship to Evelyn and applaud her unique musical talents,” said Wilshire Quinn Capital CEO. Christopher M. Garcia. “Evelyn’s performance and personal statement was phenomenal, and her long list of musical accomplishments must be recognized. Listening to Evelyn play the piano, we are reminded of the spiritual power of music and its ability to connect people from all walks of life – something Evelyn continues to accomplish performing around the world as a young musician.”

Some of Evelyn’s musical influences include Vladimir Horowitz, Marthe Argérich, Sofia Gulyakand Alexander Kobrin. Although Evelyn has no favorite musical genre, she enjoys classical, rock, indie and pop and its various subgenres.

“I find inspiration anywhere and everywhere. My musical aspirations are simply to strive to be the best I can be and always get the most out of the process of working on music and everything that comes with it” , Dimov said. “I look forward to my first year at the wonderful Manhattan School of Musicadapt to the new environment and experience all that conservatory life has to offer.”

About Wilshire Quinn Scholarship

The Wilshire Quinn Musical Arts Fellowship, launched in 2019, is a $10,000 annual award given to a qualified nominee who embodies leadership in the musical arts through talent and character. The scholarship funds are used directly for tuition, paid to the winner’s educational institution.

The application process involves a brief personal statement describing what music means to the applicant and a filmed musical performance. Applications for the 2023 scholarship will be open to applicants on April 1, 2023and the winner will be announced on or around July 1, 2023.

Visit to learn more about the award and the application process.

About Wilshire Quinn Capital, Inc.

Funding for the Wilshire Quinn Musical Arts Scholarship is provided by Wilshire Quinn Capital, Inc. Founded in 2004, Wilshire Quinn Capital manages the privately held Wilshire Quinn Income Fund, LLC. As the first wallet bridge lenderboth nationally and primarily in the state of California, Wilshire Quinn is committed to strengthening local communities by supporting the arts with awards such as the Wilshire Quinn Musical Arts Fellowship.

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