Masked Singer Spoilers: Space Bunny Is Shaggy, Reggae Musician

Season 7’s most entertaining contestant of “The Masked Singer” is dressed as Space Bunny. He delivered an outstanding performance in his first appearance on the April 20 episode with a cover of the Harry Belafonte classic “Jump in the Line”.

Shaggy’s song choice and distinctive singing style helped us figure out who was hiding inside that bulky costume. Keep reading for all ‘The Masked Singer’ spoilers, including the answer to ‘Who is Space Bunny’?

We’re pretty sure Space Bunny is Shaggy, the Jamaican reggae musician (as Belafonte’s parents were) who moonlights as a DJ and actor.

Shaggy has earned seven Grammy nominations; collectively, “The Masked Singer” Season 7 contestants have vied for 15 times for music’s highest honor. Shaggy has won Best Reggae Album twice: “Boombastic” in 1996 and “44/876” in 2019.

On this last disc, he collaborated with Sting, which was referenced in the clues video by a buzzing bee. Another of Shaggy’s albums, “Hot Shot”, also received a visual cue with an image of a basketball on fire.

Shaggy’s first hit record, “Oh, Carolina,” was hailed in preview with a photo of the Tar Heel condition. And another of his signature songs, “It Wasn’t Me,” includes a line about being caught in the act, like in the red handprint seen in the video.

To top it off, the ad clue included a photo of a shaggy dog.

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We’ll only find out if we’re right that Space Bunny is Shaggy when unmasked. This will happen when he loses a vote or wins the show. Do you think we’re right about Space Bunny’s true identity? Sound off in the comments section with your best guesses.

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