Meet musician Cuan Robertson and remember this when he was famous

Cuan Robertson is a 23-year-old musician and artist born in Durban, based in Cape Town and on an international journey of redefinition and rediscovery. He is a performer whose music oscillates between the genres of indie rock and pop music with the intention of getting his listeners on their feet and grooving.

Even though Cuan’s current sound and style is grounded in a sense of playfulness, he also wants his music to have meaning, both for himself and his audience. Let’s take a closer look at the journey of this exciting musician and what we can expect from him in the future.

Cuan started playing drums when he was nine years old and says he “fell in love with making noise and playing loud”. By the age of 16, he had completed his sixth year in drums and decided it was time to diversify his skills.

Cuan on drums. Photo: Cuan Robertson

Cuan says he owes much of his development as a budding musician to one of his mentors, Kurt Peinke, who was part of an up-and-coming local band, The City Bowl Mizers. It was during these weekly jam sessions with the Mizers that Cuan acquired his bass and guitar playing abilities.

Cuan slapping the bass. Photo: Cuan Robertson

With drums and strings in his arsenal, Cuan mustered up the courage to work on his vocals with the encouragement of another mentor and friend, Daniel Baskin, who tutored him in the art of music production. During his senior year of school, he entered the annual music competition and performed his first original song, give him hell. He won!

Cuan moved to Cape Town and began an academic career at UCT where he released his first EP, Next time maybe. After the release of this EP, he says his path got muddled as he got sucked into the college lifestyle of work and parties, although he still played various gigs around the city. .

Photo: @cuanrobertson / Instagram

Lockdown 2020 has been a particularly rewarding time for him as an artist. While finishing his thesis, he also self-taught music production. “The process of sitting down and creating sounds that eventually come together to make a song is, in my opinion, a really beautiful thing. It’s a humbling process that’s filled with a lot of doubt, but the reward of completing a song is almost indescribable.

Cuan says he made hundreds of songs during this time and only recently released the first of them, alright Alright. “I’m always trying to find a sound that I want to identify with as an artist, and that’s something I’ve dedicated 2022 to.”

Cuan thinks all of his music so far has been nothing more than a learning curve, an opening chapter in his discovery of himself as an artist. He is currently traveling across Europe, networking and learning, and promises that there will be bigger and better things to come in time.

Photo: @cuanrobertson / Instagram

You can find Cuan’s music on all streaming platforms. Do your ears a favor and go listen to his tracks and remember that by the time he’s famous, you can pretend you were there all along!

Instagram: @cuanrobertson

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