Miami-based musician Lyfe announces new album in his own metaverse, The Odyssey


Antonio Trincao, aka Lyfe, has announced the release of his next musical album with live concerts and innovative entertainment experiences that will take place within The Odyssey, the artist’s Metaverse. The album is the first step in the development of the artist’s NFT book, which tells the story of his life.

Miami, June 22, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Additionally, it offers buyers a host of perks, including access to The Odyssey events and Metaverse citizenship.

Lyfe developed this project using his strong career as a tech entrepreneur and previous musical partnerships. For example, in 2020, the artist produced a virtual concert with superstars Farina and Toosii. The event attracted over 40,000 attendees and over 1,000,000 views across multiple social media platforms.

The next album is expected to incorporate Lyfe’s history, philosophy and reasons for using music and technology to bring people together. Additionally, the album will be available in The Odyssey, the artist’s Metaverse, and a wide range of events and entertaining experiences.

Lyfe recently opened up about his transition from entrepreneur to full-time musician:

“My dream is to create music that becomes the bridge for anyone to start chasing their own dreams. I believe we live in a time where we are going through a worldwide spiritual awakening, where people will truly want to break free. My generation wants eat well, exercise, study, learn, dream and celebrate life in the most meaningful way.

What I’m proud of is that we actually have a Metaverse platform that works, has beautiful 3D graphics that provide an enjoyable experience for fans, has engaging features that, for example, allow fans to meet me virtually and view me, and works in any smartphone or laptop. No helmet needed.

So I want to revolutionize the entertainment industry by co-imagining with my fans the worlds most spectacular and unique concert experiences first in The Odyssey and then replicating them in real life.”

The Lyfe NFT Book

Lyfe also unveiled its NFT book, available in a limited edition of 50,000 copies. The 6-chapter book tells the story and life experiences of the artist and aims to empower humans to make their dreams come true. Buyers will have access to Odyssey Metaverse events and experiences and citizenship of this virtual realm.

Here is what Lyfe said about the NFT Book:

“I feel like the world has lost its soul, and at the same time, we’re looking to feel more spiritually connected. My music and the type of concert experiences I will create for my fans will help them discover their passions and what “they really love it. This book, the music and the experiences I create, is to help you get there.”

The development and release of the NFT Book will take place in three stages, the first involving Lyfe’s debut song. Stage two will see Lyfe release a collection of 7,777 Galaxian NFTs while community members will have to undergo a 5-day tech detox. Finally, the third stage will see 2,000 channels released by Y granting members citizenship within The Odyssey Metaverse.

Lyfe and his team want people to reduce their reliance on social media platforms and digital technology in general. This is why access to The Odyssey will be limited to 4 hours per day. The artist commented on this decision:

“One of the very first things I want to achieve with our community that we are creating is that my fans have a limit of 4 hours per day of use in The Odyssey. My team and I believe that 4 hours will allow fans to experience the best entertainment experiences online, to meet other like-minded fans, and to continue enjoying the outside world and hanging out in real life.

About Lyfe

Antonio Trincao, aka Lyfe, is a Portuguese artist based in Miami, Florida. He uses his background in entrepreneurship, technology and the music industry to build The Odyssey Metaverse and his music career. Here’s what he said about his current plans:

“I see myself more as a steward of the message: pursue what you love. I want to create music that continues the purpose of this community. Now I am actively recruiting to fill all leadership positions, including CEO and Director exploitation, to help exploit The Odyssey, which will be the playground of my fans and my concert experiences while I focus on what I love…music!”

The Odyssey aims to become a premier Metaverse project. The Odyssey will redefine crypto, NFTs, and the way people consume technology based on Lyfe’s philosophy. Lyfe and his project will launch a summer tour of events, which began with the official launch on June 14 during NFT NYC. Here, fans had the chance to meet the artist and learn more about his vision.

For more information about Lyfe, please follow the links below:

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CONTACT: Antonio Trincao Welcome@lyfe.Miami