Multi-talented musician Paul Askew’s new single “Save Me” fills your heart with incredible positivity

American singer-songwriter Paul Askew aims to uplift the spirits of his fans by letting them know that they are not alone in their struggle with his track, ‘Save me’.

Music is the way one can express one’s thoughts and feelings about one’s life and beliefs. Aspiring singer-songwriter Paul Askew established a powerful soundscape spreading its message across the world. He recently released a brand new single, ‘Save me’ where he talks about his faith and how God guided him throughout his life saving him from all the bad things in life. He explains that he went through many difficulties in life and it was God who gave him the courage to stay strong and overcome his difficulties in life. He collaborated with fellow singer Twenty8 who gave a great performance in the song. Their joint effort has formed a symphony that establishes sonic perfection.

The multi-talented artist has created a lyrical ballad very close to people around the world. In the song, ‘Save me’ featuring Twenty8, he accepts his faults and mistakes and tells the world how God showed him the straight path that had kept him from darkness. Her moving voice penetrates the hearts of listeners and provokes their thoughts. He assures his audience that he is not alone in his journey and that God is always there to help him. Paul Askew gained a massive following in no time thanks to his incredible singing and storytelling skills. The new song gained over 15,000 plays in just a few days. Listen to his music on Spotify and follow him for more updates on his future projects.

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