Multilingualism shapes Samende’s musical career

Trust Samende

TALENTED guitarist and member of internationally acclaimed band Mokoomba, Trust Samende (37) says being a polyglot has helped shape his musical career.

Speaking on Sublime Studios Africa’s Youtube chain, Samende, who has spread his wings into music production, said he is fluent in four languages ​​and understands more dialects.

“I produced a lot of music in my studio located in the central business district of Harare.

I listen to a lot of music and try to add a new twist to Zimbabwean music for the new generation,” he said.

“Through international tours I have been exposed to different musical styles and when I create music I come to add all of these influences,” adding that his well-furnished studio was open to both emerging and established musicians.

In addition to playing for Mokoomba, Victoria Falls-born Samende has performed as a session musician for several artists across all genres.

He is also involved in an online session known as House of Kulture, formerly House of Groove, where he has performed alongside Rockford “Roki” Josephat, Allan Chimbetu, Josephat Somanje and retired musician Matthew Mateo Kaunda.

“Music does not die.

Just give it this thing to improve it so it makes sense to the next generation.

“We’re giving it ‘new life,'” he said.

Before becoming the artist he is today, Samende began as a keyboard player and is now one of the most famous guitarists.

His guitar playing is characterized by rapid up and down movements of the neck, which is not usual for most guitarists.

Samende said that although COVID-19 has stifled the showbiz industry, it has brought with it a new way of doing things in music.

“As Mokoomba, we have traveled across Africa and Europe except in 2020 and 2021 when we were stuck at home as festivals were canceled abroad due to the COVID-19 outbreak. “, did he declare.

“It was really difficult for us and for most musicians, but on the other hand, there was so much to be thankful for.

“We are healthy, we have more time to think, create, meditate and be inspired.”

He said they were working on a new album.

“It’s hard to have time to create music when we’re on tour. We are happy with the progress of our next album which I think people will like as well,” he said.

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