Music Performance Trust Fund clarifies association with union and wishes happy evening to those attending Friday concert (Letters)

I read with interest today’s feature, written by Clifton Noble, Jr., “Coming home; conductor talks about music, labor dispute as concert-ready musicians,” October 11, page A1, highlighting the return of conductor Kevin Rhodes and his appearance with the Springfield Symphony Orchestra this Friday. As a co-sponsor of the event, along with the City of Springfield, the recording industry’s Music Performance Trust Fund provided our grant to enhance the community’s music culture and experience. We found the article very informative and agree with Maestro Rhodes, when he said: “The aim of this concert is to focus on what really matters, which is the music and the ‘art.

The MPTF is an independent 501c3, funded by major record labels to enhance the public’s enjoyment of listening to live music throughout North America. Although we often work with the American Federation of Musicians, we are not part of the union, as stated in the article. We do not get involved in labor disputes and have provided our resources based on community needs. We wish everyone, participants and performers, a happy Friday evening.

Dan Beck, Administrator

Recording Industry Music Performance Trust Fund