Musician accuses Rhea Ripley of stealing his look and Ripley responds

Musician/actress @thuggythemuffin wrote the following message on Twitter regarding Rhea Ripley’s look…

“#RheaRipley #wwe you all must have seen me on tv and decided to rip my look. I’ve had this tattoo for three years, you all made it look the same as me, but you didn’t get it out of my music? 😂🧐”

Here’s Ripley’s answer…

“1. It’s really not worth my time, but I’m bored.
2. I drew random logos/things in front of my eyes for a long time.
3. This is my band logo, more like a Libra. These are scales, you don’t own them.
4. I don’t even know who you are, so pull yourself together and keep my name out of your mouth. ⚖️”

Ripley also wrote the following…

“Thinking about calling someone for ‘stealing’ my look by having the same hair color or haircut as me… 🤔

Who out there has more name value than me that I can call? I really want him to scream “I want more followers”.