Musician Builds Music Career With New Clapper App

PERFORMANCE: Emma Hunt during a concert in Fitz Park, Keswick

A MUSICIAN and entertainer from West Cumbria has begun to develop her musical career further.

Emma Hunt, from Egremont, says she has started to get a lot more recognition for her work with a number of gigs and her involvement in a new art app.

Miss Hunt said: “I’ve done several gigs recently, including one at Fitz Park in Keswick which went really well.

“I’m now starting to get a lot more recognition for my writing and as an artist as a whole.

“I’ve struggled with anxiety a lot over the years, but now I feel a lot more confident and love performing and creating music.

“I also joined an app called Clapper and it’s one of the fastest growing video apps out there.

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“It has a good community of people using it and its style is similar to Tik Tok. If you have something to offer, the community supports you and works with you to help you grow your account.”

The app owners reached out to Emma to interview her about her musicality.

She has also been invited to enter a virtual talent contest where she can continue to promote her work.