Musician protests dentist by shredding guitar outside office

An aggrieved guitarist protested Western Dental by playing a loud guitar solo outside one of the US-based dentistry chain’s venues in a recent video, proving rock and metal still work power to the people.

Why is the musician crazy about Western Dental? Many on social media seemed interested in helping out the guitarist, who in the clip holds a homemade sign that reads “Western Dental Sucks” as he exhibits searing fretwork on an Ibanez JEM outside the mall’s dental office.

Watch the video at the bottom of this article.

twitter user @ferngalvn uploaded the clip last week (March 12) and remark, “wtf dental western do to this man.” They added: “No, now I want the whole group out there. That’s also fucking awesome, we have to help this man out.” The video has since gone viral.

Another Twitter user, @PokelanYTthen has identified himself as the disgruntled guitarist, saying, “Hi everyone, it’s me. This place has been an absolute nightmare for my son and I.” They added that they felt misled by Google’s criticisms of this particular practice, alleging that an employee compels a good review out of them before rendering care.

“If you go to their Google page you’ll see almost all of the comments say Nancy helped me,” the tweeter added. “Well, the worker there, Nancy, takes you to the back, gives you an x-ray and before you even say how much things are going to cost, she insists you have a checkup.”

They continued“I feel cheated because when I looked at the reviews of this place before I took my son they were all good but now I know they are all fake. Thanks for getting us out. I advise everyone anyone thinking of coming here spending a little extra money elsewhere, it’s not worth it.”

Loudwire has contacted Western Dental for comment.

Musician plays guitar outside the dental office

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