Nazareth set to unveil the Jane and Laurence Glazer Music Performance Center

After more than a year of construction, Nazareth College is about to unveil its new Jane and Laurence Glazer Music Performance Center.

The $15.5 million facility is located adjacent to the Nazareth College Arts Center and includes a 550-seat hall designed specifically for the acoustics of large instrumental ensembles.

Rita Mannelli is the Executive Director of the Center for the Arts. She says it’s important to have the new building because nearly 20 percent of students at Nazareth College are in the music department.

“Many Nazareth students, both majors, minors, and non-majors, participate in our large ensembles, which will truly give them a new laboratory to practice and perfect their craft.”

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Rose Marie and John Beston Room

She says the Centre’s main space, the Rose Marie and John Beston room, offers state-of-the-art acoustic technology.

“It’s a very quiet space, a lot has been done to make sure any outside noise is kept outside so all you really hear is the sound of the music. There are curtains and doors that you can open and close, which actually changes the reverberation time and the volume of the space.

Nazareth College President Daan Braveman said entrepreneurs and philanthropists Jane and Larry Glazer “were visionaries for building a better Rochester.” Jane Glazer was also a college graduate. The Glazers died in an accident involving their private plane in 2014.


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Glazer Music Performance Center Main Hall

Although there will be a grand opening for the new music performance center on September 22n/aMannelli says there will be a “soft opening” next week when students return to campus so they can use the facilities.