Norwegian musician and producer GUNDELACH releases the album “Shapeshifter”

Following the release of his EP “Shape” and his single “Rolling In The Water”, Gundelach completes the highly anticipated cycle with the release of his latest album, “Shapeshifter”. “Shapeshifter” is a massive project and collection of Gundelach’s latest exploratory songs. The album was released partly as an EP, “Shape”, before finishing the narrative to create what looked like a two-part story.

Gundelach comments: “Shapeshifter is my take on Theodor Kittelsen’s paintings of Nøkken mythology or The Nix in English. It’s about cherishing the moment and trying to live as authentically as possible. Rain and sun. Despair and happiness “

Now with just under a million streams, Gundelach’s “Shape” EP has the remote solitude of rural Norway as the backdrop behind this more deeply personal and thoughtful style of music, which can be heard on the beautiful folk stripped down to “Vinter”. ‘ which then swells into the more retro electronics of ‘Vi Er Nærme Nå’. The impenetrable yet tender lyrics, mesmerizing studio tricks and Gundelach’s supple baritone vocals are key elements of this project alongside the edgy electronics and synths that have been favored in his latest releases.

‘Shifter’, the second half of the ‘Shapeshifter’ story, follows the path set by ‘Shape’, but takes listeners even further into the world of Gundelach and completes the story it had just begun to tell. . Like many of Gundelach’s songs, the emphasis on sound rather than words in “Rolling In The Water” allows listeners to experience the cyclical nature of the waves as he explores his emotions. The beautiful acoustic guitar of “Shapeshifter Interlude” and the arching melody of “Arms Around Me” continue to show what it means to explore the indefinable sound of Gundelach.

Following the release of his single “Spiders” in 2015, catching the attention of tastemakers and indie-electro fans around the world, including BBC Radio1, Wonderland and Complex, Gundelach became the prince of melancholy with his ubiquitous analogue falsetto and black productions. With their upcoming release, Gundelach once again exemplifies their incredible ability to write and produce introspective and beautiful songs.

Kai Gundelach spent his formative years as a minor DJ and guitar prodigy in Oslo’s nightlife, before breaking into the Scandinavian music scene with his debut single “Alone In The Night”.

His 2016 self-titled EP, followed by highly anticipated albums 2018’s ‘Baltus’ and 2020’s ‘My Frail Body’, has seen over 15 million streams to date and earned him critical acclaim from publications such as Wonderland. and Pigeons. And planes. His singles also saw heavy radio rotation across the Nordics, as well as several plays on BBC Radio 1 and Pharrell Williams included it on his Beats 1 show “OTHERtone”.

In 2020, Gundelach received a Norwegian Grammy nomination in the ‘Best Electronica’ category, for his collaboration with AURORA on the song ‘Cynical Mind’. With a long list of big hits across Europe behind it, including tastemaker festivals such as Roskilde (Copenhagen, Denmark) and Øya (Oslo, Norway), Gundelach has built a very dedicated fan base. and a reputation for incredible live performances.