Punk musician and songwriter Paul Roessler will unveil a new album

Kick off with the dark, led by the piano “Elephant Man,” Roessler layers vocal harmonies alongside spare percussion. The song culminates with the addition of strings and stands out as one of the most moving on the record. The following track is the previously mentioned first single “Maker,” a sonically self-contained electropunk explosion that simply hints at what he’s capable of, possessing all the experience he’s gathered working with other artists and exploring his own musical well of creativity. “It’s such a fake pop song,” laughs Roessler. “I have to admit that since The Screamers never recorded anything, a part of me has been trying to catch up ever since. So this song is a little tip of the hat to them.”

Other highlights include the industrial shade epic “Awake,which begins with hidden electronic glitches in the background of a haunting piano solo, with cymbals guiding the track. “Awake” is a fiery statement that is one of the most overtly political on the record. too the electric guitar ballad “Heaventree”, the catchy riff-driven rock of “A Quiet Night On The Mooncam”, as well as the ambient synth-drink “Shallow shadow completed.”

A prolific producer who leads LA’s production stable Kitten Robot Studios, Roessler served as producer/engineer on Kitten Robot comes out of Josie Cotton, Eddie Spaghetti and Frank Meyer, Hayley and the grinders, Tombstones in their eyes, CrowJaneand upcoming recordings of Harry Cloud and Glitter Wizard.

However, as an artist, Roessler writes his first opus, the rock opera The Bowwhile still in high school with its prog/classic rock influences (Yes, Jethro Tull, Frank Zappa) on its sleeve. Moving away from this genre to find its place in electropunk, it joined Howlers as one of two keyboardists in the Los Angeles-based guitarless musical pioneers labeled “punk rock” for lack of something more appropriate.

In the 1980s, Paul started the band twisted roots in the same way pat smear (Germs / Foo Fighters) and her sister Kira prior to his involvement with Black Flag. Paul has also become associated with music with mike watt (crime) and Dez Cadeda (DC3), as well as joining a wide variety of artists/bands, including 45 grave, Nervous kind, Geza X and the momsand Nina Hagen. The following years saw him join forces with Marc Curry, prick, Horrible Andreoneand Gypsy Demone Quartet. Paul Roessler’s producing career has also seen him produce for TSOL., richie ramone, pat the bunnyand many other bands and artists.

“Each song has its own message, although sometimes that message can never really be explained.“, Roessler concludes.”I really like this kind of songs. The music preached to me, and I did my best to deliver what it said.”

The turn of the luminous world will be published on July 12 Going through Kitten Robot Folders. Paul Rossler is available for interviews.