The online musician combines audio and visual elements for a unique experience

David Turner Music with visual effects on Twitch

An experience your eyes and ears will love. Twitch DJ pushes the boundaries by hosting live music with visual effects.

It’s really exciting to see how far we can push the boundaries when it comes to these streaming platforms.

—David Turner

SEATTLE, WA, USA, April 20, 2022 / — Techno DJ David Turner brings his listeners and viewers hours of visually and audibly mesmerizing tracks on his live Twitch music stream, DavidTurnerMusic. He hosts live music and works his magic on his mixing board sometimes until nine o’clock.

Turner uses a device known as the StreamDeck and a bridge pedal system that allows him to press with his hands and feet to create the visual effects that accompany the music. Using nightclub-style lighting and backdrops, a large LED TV plays mystical visuals behind it.

It’s an experience, hopes the Twitch DJ and host, that will open people’s ears and eyes.

His talents as a DJ, combined with his skills as a video jockey, resulted from broadcasting the pandemic and learning After Effects by modifying and creating entertaining layers. It includes visual effects, such as bubbles and confetti, which the audience can enjoy with just the click of a button. That’s just part of the fun Turner has to offer his crowd.

“It’s really exciting to see how far we can push the boundaries when it comes to these streaming platforms,” ​​he said.

Turner is not new to the streaming scene. He previously ran a Twitch channel called HouseMusicAsylumTV for several years with the idea of ​​creating a home for house music lovers. He uses that experience on the new channel, playing whatever he wants, from rush-hour techno to melodic house. Turner has moved away from house music a bit these days with this new channel.

Looking at the old channel, you’ll find a list of 25 guest DJs who have been on the show and, when asked where he saw things going next year with the new channel, Turner admits that It has competition with the thousands of other streamers, but believes the channel will achieve partner status with a continued increase in production quality, community, and interactive effects for viewers to check out.

Turner focuses on creating a sense of community where people can have a good vibe and express their love for music. That’s why his latest project was to insert viewer profile pictures into the stream and animate them on the show. In addition to the live clips, audiences can enjoy other compelling visuals, such as a lunar man walking down an endless corridor or an interstellar spaceship.

As a Twitch DJ, Turner intends to provide audiences on his DavidTurnerMusic channel with a visually appealing live stream featuring the best techno music to go along with his magnetic and energetic personality.

David Turn
David Turn
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