Top musician Temple Naylor urges fans to accept failures with positivity

Failures in life, business or relationships are undoubtedly depressing and disheartening. They can break you from the inside, causing unbearable pain and making you unable to move forward. As scary as it is, failure is always part of your life. It helps you understand what works and what doesn’t. It is perhaps the best method of learning that has ever existed on the face of the earth.

For top indie musician Temple Naylor, chess is what shaped his path to success. He entered the music arena as a naive yet talented individual with just hopes and dreams for success. It took him four years to learn the right tactics and countless failures to determine his true powers. Chess taught him new experiences, life epiphanies, and the kind of talent required to be recognized. As a talented and experienced performer, Temple urges future talent and fans to never fear failure.

Temple is a living example of facing your fears and embracing failure with positivity and making it work for you. When he started his journey as a musician, he had to face countless challenges. But they couldn’t dissuade him because he knew it was just the process.

The journey to success is full of failures, and they are part of the process that is meant to shape you, tame you, and change you for the better. Temple is a firm believer in the quote: “Failure teaches you things that nothing else can teach you.”

This is the absolute truth he learned early on that made him thrive as a musician. This helped him protect his sanity during times of defeat. Speaking of chess, Temple says, “I conditioned myself to be proud of my failures. The bigger it is, the more I smile. Because ultimately it teaches something. So the way I see it, the bigger the failure, the bigger the lesson.

Temple cites his gratitude for every test he encountered, as it helped him come out stronger. When people close to him rejected his music and let him down, he didn’t believe them. His passion and positive attitude drove him to work hard until one day he achieved the success his heart had yearned for since childhood. Temple is a born artist and talented musician who knows how to navigate difficult experiences and turn adversity to his advantage.

Today, he continues to make great music that changes lives around the world.