Trauma Shaped Identities-Bay Area Americana Musician Releases New Single and Album

American singer-songwriter, Chris McCooey

Chris McCooey will release his new single, “Just Like You”, in November 2022 ahead of the record, “Missing Pieces”, which will be released in December 2022

PLEASANT HILL, CA, USA, Nov. 14, 2022 / — San Francisco Bay Area-based singer-songwriter Chris McCooey is thrilled to announce the release of “Just Like You”, on November 25, the first single from the disc “Missing Pieces” which will make its official debut on December 23, 2022.

Chris McCooey is truly a musical product of his Californian roots. Inspired by the grooves, twang, soul and rock n’ roll music he was raised in, Chris converged the sounds of his upbringing with the lyrical tales of love, loss, hope and pain. to cultivate a style that modernizes and deepens the Californian Son.

Following the successful release of his 2021 EP “Better Days,” which McCooey collaborated on with longtime musical partner and producer Max Butler, “Just Like You” follows Chris McCooey’s unique Americana musical and sonic storytelling abilities by making reference to the struggle to overcome trauma that shapes our identities.

McCooey said, “Musically and thematically, the song looks to Roy Orbison as inspiration for its dark, complicated themes around love and relationships and its sweeping cinematic arrangement that includes a string quartet.”

As the song progresses through lyrics that suggest the pain of a broken or lost relationship, percussive beats are juxtaposed with sad but hopeful violin notes to create a poignant image of looking back. on his life to find the end.

“I want you to know that I have made my peace,
I forgave a long time ago
This letter does not reflect my pain
It’s just a child’s need to know
‘Cause all I really wanna know is who you are
‘Cause I’ve wondered all my life if I’m like you”

Watch McCooey perform “Just Like You” in the music video produced with MG Media Creative and follow his music on, Apple Music or Spotify.

Written, recorded and produced in and around Oakland, California by Chris McCooey & Max Butler, “Just Like You” credits Jackson Felton (percussion), Nat Butler (violin & bass), Ariel Wang (violin), Stephanie Railsback (viola ) , and Lewis Patzner (cello). In addition to his songwriting and production credits, Butler is also credited with recording electric guitars and synth glockenspiel.

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