Where is Sinbad now? Comedian-musician status revealed two years after suffering stroke

Comedian-musician Sinbad’s current medical condition has been revealed two years after he suffered a stroke.

For decades, Sinbad has been making his audience laugh with hilarious tirades during his shows. But in addition to being an actor, he also became known for his expertise in playing instruments, especially drums and percussion.

In fact, he uses the nickname “Memphis Red” when collaborating with musicians, and he’s used it before when he worked with Dawnn Lewis and Journell Henry.

After years out of the spotlight following a stroke, his family have revealed the 66-year-old is now recovering.

On the website they created after he had the health issue, Sinbad’s family revealed that the comedian-singer beat all odds and has made significant progress since then. They also shared a photo of him learning to walk again alongside a heartfelt caption.

“Sinbad appreciates all the love and support you have shown him over the past two years. Many of you have asked for updates and if there is anything Sinbad needs or what you can do to help,” they said.

Sinbad’s relatives also noted that his “dead limbs” were coming back to life.

Sinbad’s health journey after a stroke

In 2020, Sinbad’s family confirmed that he had suffered a stroke. Although he has begun his recovery journey, no one thought it would take this long.

He reportedly suffered an ischemic stroke after a blood clot traveled from his heart to his brain. According to the American Stroke Association, an ischemic stroke occurs when an obstruction occurs. It is also the cause of 87% of stroke cases.

Although Sinbad had a “very promising” prognosis, he developed another blood clot the next day. This caused him to have another surgery, but his brain started to swell again and bleeding occurred.

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From there, his doctors placed him in a medically induced coma and on a ventilator to ensure his recovery.

His family, at the time, said it would be weeks before he could show signs of basic mobility again.

Luckily, he survived all of this, but still needs ongoing treatment. With this, they ask for help to pay for her treatment as her insurance cannot cover the cost of her care.

Celebrities, colleagues and fans immediately reached out to Sinbad and his family and helped promote the donation campaign.

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