Yin and Yang: Balancing Marriage and Music Career

Starting in their 40s, a couple from San Marcos are attracting attention with their musical group, Yin and Yang Music.

AUSTIN, Texas — We’ve covered our fair share of quarantine hobbies here on KVUE, but a couple from San Marcos have a relatively unique hobby with professional rap careers.

Mixing music is also a relationship.

“A lot of his verses are already done – that’s the only thing too, and I think a lot of my verses are done too,” Gabriel Jackson said during their mixing session.

Engineers work with musicians to create music.

“I would say our stuff is a little lighter,” Jackson added. “We try to target a younger generation. Most people today, they just make music for adults.”

“We are recording our song called ‘Fiesta Forever,'” Destiny Jackson said. “It’s going to come out on Cinco de Mayo.”

“We’re going to skip to his verse actually, just in case we can get him knocked out,” Gabriel Jackson said.

Besides the partnership on rhythm, Yin and Yang have a deeper connection.

“I used to always want my wife, for example, to do entertainment, that way it wouldn’t be so hard on the road. And she came over and she let me know she wanted also make music,” said Gabriel Jackson. “She was going to make music regardless. Since then, it was inevitable.”

“We only started in October last year, and we had already started talking about a year and a half before that,” they added.

Husband and wife, bringing their quarantine hobby to life, their name comes from their relationship – Yin and Yang.

“Yin and Yang, as you know, are the divine forces of life, like light and darkness, good and evil, the balance of life,” they said.

They feel their partnership is that balance – a musical journey that began during an open mic night at Longhorn Daquiris in San Marcos. This brought them to a competition in Austin and then to Atlanta for their first touring performance.

“It was really shocking to everyone. It let people know we were the real deal, but we were touching hearts and the message,” Gabriel Jackson said. “You can’t beat that. The lyrics and the jumps are cool and all, but there’s nothing more real than the real message.”

It’s a message of unity, whether it’s their legacy in “Fiesta Forever,” or their message of unity. It is their relationship that keeps them going.

“I’ve been in several bands, but I’ve never seen this kind of thing happen before,” said Gabriel Jackson.

If you want to follow the journey of Yin and Yang, you can follow them on Facebook Where instagram.

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